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No canals, I hope?

I recieved the following letter today:
June 23, 2004
Dear Dutiful Jim:

Thank you for taking the time to reroute my poems
home. Perhaps the folks at Weird Tales were too
busy to double-check their work.

I'm glad you enjoyed reading my poems. I hope
to publish "Wedding Night" sometime soon. Again,
thanks for the honorable act.

Best wishes for your writing career.


Lawrence P. McGuire

In other news I'm prepared to go on a little spending spree at eBay. I've found a few of Lord Dunsany's books available: one being Plays of Near and Far and another of five other plays. What also looks interesting is Lord Dunsany: King of dreams, a biography from the '50s, first edition. I've already bought a book about Sidney Sime including much of his artwork from The Gods of Pegana which will be the second copy that I own. I plan to either give it as a gift or use one for scanning artwork when I finally finish that audio book of Pegana.

I was also delighted to find that Nightshade Books is releasing the collected Jorkens stories of Dunsany. Unfortunately, I don't know anything more about these than their titles so an impulse purchase will have to wait until I find if it will be worthwhile. Easy, boy.

I'm also getting more ideas for my own addition to the Pegana pantheon. Once things are right again with the SWE I want to interview her for some ideas on the character I'm creating. I'm going to stay away from the stereotypical goddess that represents fertility and motherhood and life and all. This is going to be a practical expansion of present concepts that make her inclusion vital to the workings of the gods. The only other female character that I can recall at present is Inzana, Dawnchild of all the gods who played with the golden ball. I'm still reading Time and the Gods but I don't think there are any others. I'll update if I find otherwise.

I'm rather bummed that I may not be going to Summerfest as planned. "Tuesdays and Wednesdays are our heaviest days for a while" so they may need me the night Matt and I planned to go. The best I'll probably be able to do is beg a favour from Dennis H. to work over a couple hours and put in a half-day myself. That would mean leaving town at six providing Matt picks me up from work. Get to the grounds by eight and finally have a couple hours to relax and enjoy. Unfortunately we'd still be missing Five Card Studs, the band that got Matt interested in going this year and one of a very few that I'm familiar with that will be playing. Still, I won't know until tomorrow afternoon if I will be able to make it at all.

After seven years spacecraft Cassini has made it to Saturn. It's even better than what your parent's saw with Voyager. Check it out.

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