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Another lazy Sunday

I overslept. I didn't intend to but I allowed myself that option of no one else woke me up. The original plan was to get a bunch of people together and go hiking. That was a few weeks ago. Over time we found that either not everyone had time this weekend or they couldn't be contacted. It ended up just being Monica and I hanging out for the day. The day being absolutely beautiful until we decided to leave town whereupon clouds rolled in and spilled their labours across the region. Too wet for the arboretum under one umbrella we proceeded to State Street for some Noodles and a jaunt to the lake. We went to Mother Fools for the first time in an age then home for an episode of Red Dwarf. All in all a very peaceful, relaxing, uncomplicated (except for deciding what to do) day.

While waiting for things to start I chatted with Chad for the first time in weeks. He and Jon are trying to get videoconferencing set up and I would have been glad to help had I not already made other plans. I will probably get a webcam sooner or later but I haven't decided whether to find one just for Elvira or get a digital camera with that option. Still some research to do.

Haven't written those stories I've been thinking of but they're still fresh in my mind developing. I had a weird dream upon falling asleep that tried to continue on from what I have scripted in my mind and the Pegana tie-in pokes out here and there whenever I do write. I'm not sure what spurred this but it's a good feeling not to be stuck anymore. That lasted months and was very oppressive. There are still some stories that I'm not ready to work on yet but I'm gladly taking what's coming to me now.

I'm really looking forward to Summerfest now, despite not knowing 99% of the bands there. Someone remind me to request Wednesday off from work when I go in tomorrow.

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