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Evil Jim

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12:10 am: "Time is the hound of Sish" ~ "Hobith, who calms the dog"
I just finished watching episode seven of Najica. I've been enjoying the soundtrack so much lately that it naturally makes me want to watch the series again. It's been a while now so I was able to enjoy it as if for the first time. Some action scenes made me emit an audible "woah" and the music was better than ever. The finale is very close to the scene in Raiders when Marion is trapped in the airplane cockpit with fuel leaking out near open flames. Very familiar yet still well done and all the while background music is from the extended version of the opening theme. Oh, and yes, I was keeping count. This episode has 44 total (not counting opening/closing titles or preview,) a lot fewer than I expected. When I talked to Monica Rial at Acen she said the first episode has more than a hundred which doesn't surprise me at all. The next time I go through the series I will keep track to compare.

Overall the day gets an "ok." The first three or so hours of early morning overtime at work absolutely sucked due to head-stuff but after I finally took my late break I loosened up a bit and was able to relax. And now, as usual, I barely remember any of it. That's pretty much how it goes when I work that early. The first part drags intolerably until about two-thirds through and then whosh! it's over. Then amnesia. Blessed amnesia!

I was kinda ho-hum for a while until I decided to cook a very late breakfast. Chili and from-scratch cornbread; both turned out great. I called a few friends but only one was free at that time to join me. It was Tom, appropriately enough because his family had me over for dinner last weekend. He stayed for a little while and we made stunt-planes from my art teacher's plans which I still need to return. This is my sixth so far and I'm getting quite good at them. At least, getting good at finishing them in one sitting. The landing gear stencil needs some redesign and I still need to figure out a decent cockpit. And get some different coloured poster board while you're at it, I'm getting tired of just navy-blue planes.

Gorgeous day today! Beautiful! The air, the clouds, the sun, was all so... um.... salubrious. If it continues tomorrow I'm gettin' in some serious sky-watching. I haven't spent a length of time visiting the clouds in quite a while now.

It's official! Summerfest this Wednesday with matt_william. We did this last year and it was a blast! I saw five concerts in one day, found a new rock band to add to my favourites and got a free t shirt... which I still haven't unwrapped yet. All that and more plus traffic. This year the ticket promotion for Wednesday is free admission with a half-gallon lid from any Dean's Country Charm ice cream or two over-wraps from Dean's six pack Milk Chugs. When I dropped Tom off I stopped at the grocery store on the way home for ice cream but could not find any Dean's. I don't drink the chugs so unless Matt finds an extra lid I'll be paying full price which is still reasonable. Hmm. Come to think of it, next weekend is a holiday. I'll have to check to see if and how that will affect my overtime hours this week.

I'm on Time and the Gods now, also by Dunsany and enjoying it very much, thank you. I think I'm going to write my own Pegana story before too long. I had an idea a couple years ago which is quite interesting and has promise but will be difficult to put together. This one will be much easier and should help me ease into the language needed for the stories. I'm not sure when I'll tackle it as I'm still into the book at the moment. I may pause between "Time" and Beyond the Fields We Know (which I still haven't read) or perhaps wait for the favor of the Goddess herself for, after all, she is who the story will be about. Of all Pegana there be only Gods: there is Sish and Kib and Slid, and also there is Mung and MANA-YOOD-SUSHAI (to whom, none may pray.) Whyfor, then be there only Gods? The secret is known only to the Gods, because it is only for the Gods to know. -- Hey, this is fun to write.

- E V I L O U T -

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