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Evil Jim

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02:50 am: Shikari. Shikari. Shikari. Shikari...
A brief update: We continued the long talk we had the other nite and I hope we cleared a few more things up. I'm trying not to be a horrible person, honest. Times like this aren't easy, but whenever these things happen I always learn more about her, about myself, and about our relationship. I respect her even more. It still amazes me how strong willed she is. She seems invincible at times. I wonder how I seem...

In any case, we won't have a chance to continue until Saturday night due to my work, which I unfortunately forgot to mention since I had other things on my mind. There will be plenty of time to think until then but I'll try not to let this get to me.

Unfortunately for distractions, I'm now completely up-to-date on 9th Elsewhere, SoMT and Megatokyo, and nearly done with The Gods of Pegana. Oh well. It's late, I have a long shift ahead tomorrow and then work early, early Saturday. Come Saturday afternoon I'm gonna be beat anyway. Maybe I shouldn't plan anything for then. Still trying to gather forces to do something Sunday. And then maybe, maybe Summerfest next week.

- E V I L O U T -

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