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What about a pointed stick?

For the first time in a long time I began working on an old story. I got a decent start as to where I want to go even if I only got a couple paragraphs down. Most of the work over the past few years has been in my head anyway. Hopefully I will be able to get myself fired up enough to follow this all the way through. I've had a couple false starts on this before and it's never a good feeling to put it down again, especially when it has so much potential. I want to get this done soon in order to have more new stuff up in time for Dead Last's webpage update.

I am currently working on part I and there are V total to do to complete the story. I wrote parts VI through XIII ages ago and I feel it's about time to finish the lot. However, I would like some input. There is a comical scene where I can't decide on which to use, oranges or tomatoes. I have appropriate dialog for both but I can only use one. I have created a poll to see what you think and I will take the results into consideration when writing the scene in its entirety. Keep in mind that lettuce will be involved and as I feel it is entirely necessary, is not one of your options. Are you ready? Well tough, here it is:

Poll #312770 Which is funnier

Which is funnier?


Not much else I want to deal with at this time. I paid a bunch of bills and need some distractions from those annoyances. If you need something else to do, why not read http://www.9thelsewhere.com My new favourite webcomic.

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