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"But, when at the last the arm of Skarl shall cease to beat his drum,

silence shall startle Pegana like thunder in a cave, and MANA-YOOD-SUSHAI shall cease to rest."

Some excitement tonight, though just short of what I wanted.

The day started off ok enough; sleeping late, made some wheels for my stunt planes, tidied up a bit. I noticed a carton of eggs were a week past expy date so I used all seven for a delicious scramble. I couldn't remember at first how much milk and whatever else to use so I consulted the book, Where's Mom now That I Need Her?. That had all I needed to know but it was while blending the eggs with the milk and seasonings when I got creative. That's usually how it goes while cooking, suddenly the original recipe isn't good enough! I shook in some parmesan, a handfull of cheese curds and a healthy dollup of Heinz 57 sauce. The stuff turned out damn good too. That too is usually how it goes; my the best tasting stuff looks the worst. So now I have enough for a couple more meals -- if I don't devour it all away for snacks during the meanwhilst.

Work sucked for a while. The same head stuff as the other day tho' not as bad, thankfully. Pegana really helped and reminded me of an idea or two I had for a story I once wanted to add to the collection. By second break I was fine again. It was beautiful outside with a variety of clouds and colours from the setting sun and advancing rain. I was struck by how fast the clouds were moving. Anyway, shortly thereafter I heard the warning signal over the radio but couldn't hear the announcement. I ducked into one of the offices and turned on the radio to hear TORNADO WARNING for the entire area. I called my manager and informed her of this but she didn't seem too worried. She'll have Carmen turn on the weather radio, she said. So, like, inclement weather induced death didn't seem to faze her much but I went and got my umbrella from the car and spent the next 20 or so minutes hanging around an open door watching the storm roll in and checking the radio. I didn't have anything else to do anyway.

I love storm watching. It's better than the biggest movie screen in the world. I watched the clouds slowly boil across the sky in colours that ranged from brown to green to blue. Purple lightning crawled all over the north and west skies. Purple lightning! It was truly awe-inspiring. Thunder rumbled but minded its manners as it danced with the lights. I watched for quite some time before the first heavy drops of rain started spotting the drive.

Eventually the manager made the official announcement for everyone to stop what they were doing and go to the front for a head count. We moved into the bathrooms first (the safest place) but were then moved to the breakroom where there are SEVEN LARGE PICTURE WINDOWS lining one wall to make it easier to take attendance. Great thinking. As I recall, we didn't do this in the drill a couple months ago. Needless to say, I stayed by the door so I could be the first out and lock the rest in to safety if Doom lurked too near. We listened to the weather radio follow the path of the storm and noted changes in warnings for the different neighboring cities and counties, all while taking turns at the windows to watch the storm's progress.

Later we were released back to our jobs with less than an hour before shift-end. The whole ordeal took 30-40 minutes and sped along the remainder of the work night. However, I would have preferred hiding out from the storm at least long enough to make productive work before the end of the shift impossible. I didn't get much done before I left anyway and spent a good chunk outside watching the receding storm and marveling at the beautiful sunset of violet and rust-lit clouds. The moon was out, trying to catch Jupiter in its slim crescent. I held my hands out with indexes up and thumbs together to frame them as clouds passed around, then through them. To the south was a grey mountain moving slowly eastward to the dusk and lightning chased close behind by a narrow strip of sun tinged clouds slightly curved by the front.

The drive home was quite nice in the fresh cool air. Once out of the city and passing through a smaller town I noticed a small cloud (no larger than my fist at arm's length) to my left with an unusual amount of active lightning for its size. I could only glance over for so long and missed many of the purple flashes but when I finally did catch it in motion I stared in amazement. This small round cloud had a short tail below and when lightning crawled quickly through it looked to be a giant brain crackling with mental fire. By the time I was out of town and the road curved toward it the cloud had hidden behind a larger brother, but I won't soon forget that miscreation of mist.

On a different note, I had a long talk with the friend whom I had differences with a few nights ago. Nobody ran away upset and I learned a few things. I think we're closer to having this resolved which is a relief but I still feel some of my feelings were justified, and I could feel better if they were acknowledged in this situation. After all, I was the first one hurt. Another reason to say the right thing the first time I guess. I just wish I didn't have to walk on eggshells sometimes.

- E V I L O U T -

P.S. I locked myself out of my house tonite by way of the screen door, but managed to get in without breaking anything. I could have since the stupid thing needs replacing anyway, but I'd rather wait until it breaks on it's own without my help.

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