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I'm fine. No, really

There was something I had all thought out to post tonite because it made me laugh and to kinda show that I'm pretty much back to whatever passes for norm. However, since I've just spent the past five minutes staring at the screen trying to remember the third reason and coming up with squat I'll just continue with whatever since it's been pulling other things I wanted to write tonite along with it. I had some cheese curds and a soda while making some airplane wheels after I got home from work and then a couple mugs of ice water and now I'm unusually full. Enough so to distract me and make it difficult to pull the right words together. Weird.

Anyway, first thing this morning I had a regularly scheduled eye appointment which went fine; no RP, no sign of retinopathy, negligible change in prescription so I'm doing all right. I put poor Bruce to an exhaustive search for more frames identical to what I have currently since mine are a few years old and have been repaired a couple times already. I like the style but they're next to impossible to find any more. Damn you stupid people for making those narrow oval frames so ubiquitous that there's hardly anything else left available! How can you see out of those things anyway? My classy round frames are no longer to be found so once they finally wear out I will have nothing left. I will be without an identity! Fortunately, I have an option or two that will give me a few more years to either find identical frames to buy and keep in my file or for them to come back in style again. For now, I can still look hot, sexy, and yet retro to my great-grandparents time so the teenyboppers that can't go five minutes without being "in style" can kiss the huge-ass front wheel of my bicycle.

I was right! I've been pulled into Pegana today and am already halfway through. It got me wanting to finish the audio version I began recording a couple years ago since there aren't any available.

Drat! I'm zoning already. Must sign out before staring at the wall becomes any more fascinating. 0_o

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