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So when was my last post... uh, the 14th? For me, that's a long time. It started with Elvira's PMS but since that problem is behind me I've been working overtime which means I usually don't get home until midnite and then I dont' feel like doing much other than checking my updates and vegging out. Regular updates to come eventually but for now it will be sporadic.

So I'm trying not to think of asking my boss to get together socially outside of work as a "date" but that's still what it feels like. I just want to talk about her adventures in Japan since I'll be there next year. But as she's a girl and quite attractive at that it still sticks in my mind that I'll be asking her out on a date. We did talk about her trip before and I did mention that I'd like to hear more at length sometime but the opportunity hasn't come up since. Being the busy season at work now it probably won't so I'll have to catch her sometime when we both don't have several things going at once (i.e. the parking lot) But I've written more than I should have already so I'll just update later.

A super-happy yay for I now have Najica: In Like Mission, the soundtrack for the series wich is now my very favourite anime music. It's cheap from eBay and an an obvious bootleg -- I've never heard of the Smile Face label from Taiway -- but it will keep me happy until it's released in the States this fall. Now I don't have to write that butt-kissing letter to ADV which is almost a disapointment now since that would have made a better story, but I still might just for the heck of it. I suppose I should finish my big Acen entry so that will make sense.

Another super-yay is because Bond released their new album Classified this week and I purchased my very own yesterday. I love their work; mostly because their music is powerful, unique and upbeat and partially due to the fact that I have a thing for woman who play music, especially strings! Yowza!

Anyway, I don't want to keep the SWE waiting and it's late enough as it is.

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