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Better than Waterworld

I have me Rx filled and drugs soon again to be flowing through my system so THAT drama is finally over. The whole morning went smoothly and was actually enjoyable. Granted, I only faced about an hour and a half of it but nevertheless, it was pleasant. Got everything I needed as far as groceries and even the surgical strike went well. Gear!

As for this afternoon, I managed to grab Matt and drag him to Pirates of the Carob Bean: The Black Pearl or Something. It was a lot of fun for a movie based on a 30-year-old Disney World animatronic "ride." About a hundred times better and cheaper, seeing as how I paid full price for a park ticket nearly four years ago and only two dollars today. I also found the trailer for Master and Commander before the movie rather appropriate. There may be similar movies out there at the moment but for now I can't think of any.

Speaking of poor segues, I changed the water filter for my water softener today. Here's an easy 12 step program how:

a.) Put off changing the filter for as long as possible while waiting for a day where you aren't too busy to have three consecutive minutes to get the job done.

2.) Finally decide to do it whether it's been long enough or not.

d.) Discover you don't have any new filters.

IV.) Wait two more weeks until you remember to buy the new filter.

5.) Call the water softener company to ask how often to change the water softener filter. Be sure to argue that you (sortof) remember the rep who explained the procedure months ago when you moved in say that it's every month, and then add that the filter box says three.

5.) Hang up, relieved that the call was anonymous.

6.) Go to the closet where the water heater and softener is kept and turn off all the valves you can find, "just in case."

7.) Press the pressure release button, thankful once again that the house's previous owner tipped you to hold a towel over it so you don't get sprayed.

i.) Using a towel -- "just in case" -- unscrew the reservoir container holding the old, brown, filthy water filter, trying not to think about drinking the water that's gone through this.

IX.) Once unscrewed, carry the reservoir to the bathroom and dump the contents into the tub, old filter and all, making a mental note to rinse out the tub when this is over.

IXX.) Turn the tub faucet on to rinse the mineral silt from the bottom of the reservoir.

IXX -b.) Remember that you've already turned off the water pressure.

12.) Insert the new filter, screw back in and turn on the watta!

(I know that last one was three steps. Shut up.)

That's it! Now all I gotta do is remember when to change the filter next. Which is... when it turns brown.

So I gotta get up at four in the morning to work overtime on Saturday. I may post again before I leave. You have been warned!

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