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I hate you Matt!

So I just got back from Craptacular part deux. There were only four features this time since two were rather long.

Lord of the Rings... the animated version
This was pretty bad. I appreciated that a good amount of dialog (at least in the beginning) was taken from the books, but I really couldn't stand the animation. Live action filtered and screened to look like animation combined with hand-drawn along with cheesy special effects made for an overall bad and tedious movie. Also, the story ended with the battle of Helm's Deep and where apparently good triumphs over evil there and the quest to destroy the ring is pretty much forgotten. Two and a half hours of ugh. That, and Samwise looked like a cross between Quasimodo and Buddy Hacket.

Plan 9 From Outer Space
went very well. Only four of us knew what to do with paper plates but once the first UFO hit the screen people knew just what they were for. I believe it was the most fun all night. We had people scrambling for plates on the floor and in the aisles and sitting for minutes on end with arms cocked prepared to fire off the next volley. Now I'm looking forward to B-fest again all ready.

Various shorts
Matt had a good collection of odd stuff, some of which I've seen before at Hellfest and others that I've only heard of like video of a beached whale "removed" with dynamite. [shudder] He also had the reason why I don't like state of the union addresses. Of my own collection that I've been hoarding for months we showed relatively few. I wanted to share some of the really awful and stupid stuf before getting to what I thought everyone would like (ie. oddtodd.com, Strongbad email, etc.) but we only got as far as the former and a few requests before I started recieving threats. Plus, it was time to show Plan 9 and...

The Star Wars Holiday Special
which was just utterly awful. The star cast was great but with the weak-sauce story, lame musical numbers and terrible animation it couldn't hold up to anything more tolerable than dental surgery. Matt, that eternal bastard, somehow found somewhere that sold copies on DVD (not licensed, of course. G.L. probably wishes it never existed) and made sure that it was on the lineup for the night. Being over two hours long didn't help anything and a short ways through we began throwing paper plates at the screen every time the Millennium Falcon was on just for something to help survive the torment. Damn you, Matt! Damn youuuuuuuuu!!!~gurgle*choke*

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