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Evil Jim

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12:40 am: 11 second quickie
Ugh. I swear I'll get back to updating regularly soon. I'm still in the process of straightening things out on my computer and writing some long-overdue and important letters. I still haven't caught up on everyone else's journals. I'm a little burned out tonite so productivity is going to take a dead drop off a cliff for now as I veg out on my comic updates and other stuff.

Had a long talk with the SWE last night about some things we haven't addressed for a while. It's been on my mind a lot today and there are other things I want to talk about, but right now I'm not sure I'm in shape to give them the attention they deserve if I try to bring it up again. I'll probably have to leave early tonight in favour of some much needed rest but for now I can be happy just chillin'... Ye gads, I can't believe I used that phrase. I'd better go.

- E V I L O U T -

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