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What? You were gone?

From anime ecstasy to computer agony, after three weeks I am finally able to post in my Live Journal from the comfort of my own homeworld. I would first like to thank all those who came out to comfort and support me during this very difficult time and who... waitaminute. Nobody did that. You suck!

Anyway, after two reformats and an upgrade to Windows RG, I have things running without rediscovering my primal urges to kill, maim, destroy and write bad poetry. (Whew!)

So what have I been doing these past weeks? Well, Acen for starters -- for which there will be a big, long post when I have the time to compose the highlights. I also put in my first ever 60-hour work week and two twelve hour shifts over Memorial Day weekend. A chunk of that paycheck has been spent already on my shiny new Ipod and Game Boy Advance SP. Both of which I justify as necessary for my upcoming vacations to D.C. and the Orient. Plus, I'm really looking forward to spending an entire day at the House on the Rock soon with my music and sketchbook just lounging around with no obligations.

I've also assembled five little stunt planes from Mr. Fendrick's plans. Tick helped with the propeller and I figured out some nifty new wheels on my own. The little things are just darling -- and addictive! I want to visit Mr. F. again soon to show him what I've done and return his plans. I'd also like to know my letter grade; extra credit always helps. Heck, that's all Oklahoma Jim is, to be honest.

A week and a half ago four friends and I packed into the Evilmobevil for a trip to Six Flags. It's the beginning of the season and rain threatened all day but never actually manifested (until the trip home) so crowds were naught and the longest we had to wait for a ride was 40 minutes. I even had the pleasure of riding the new Vertical Velocity and Deja Vu with just Monica since no one else had the GUTS! Both were rather awesome and I glad I finally had the chance to "challenge" them since previous years the lines were always hours long.

So there's been some fun along with the hair-pulling. Now I just have to get used to the new OS, finish installing the last few programs and get up-to-date on the websites I frequent. This could take a while because the weekday overtime cap at work was changed from ten to twelve hours and I'm going to be sucking up as much of that as possible this summer. Wish me luck.

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