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I'm back!

Goddamn it!! I made a typo and when I went to backspace the browser went back a number of pages. Now I gotta rewrite stuff from memory.

I can type my Live Journal password really fast now. The only reason I mention it is because when I first started it took me at least two or three tries to get it right. Go fingers of lightning!

So I finally finished No Time for Dreamers last night and can now make a normal entry. Well, normal for me. I'm glad to finally finish something because it's been so long since I've written anything like that. It's a good feeling and I hope I can continue. It'll be hard to live off my writing when I only produce once every six months. Anyway, after some editing I'll post the final version in my journal.

It's going to be difficult not to fill every entry with upcoming Acen stuff for the next few days. I have (what feels like) a lot to do to get ready and naturally the first instinct is to try to sort it all out here. What holds that back a little is doing the actual packing and stuff before coming online. Still, I need to give a better look to the con website to get a better idea of what's going on. I already know I'm going to miss the Azumanga Dioh panel while at Naze Nani Megatokyo. I saw an Excel Saga panel I think I can make but I have to make sure nothing conflicts with the karaoke night. Which reminds me to take the cards from the table over yonder and put them in a manila envelope in my luggage along with Piro's copy of "Kublawocky" which I haven't started to copy yet. Dom won't be there but I'll still bring his gift of Stick Figure Gladiators in case Piro can pass it along for me.... You see how muddled these entries would be if I didn't exert some self control?

Stop whatever you're doing (namely, reading this drivel) and go over to sacredspud's journal to read this amusing entry. Be sure to download the MP3 there too. It's ok, I'll wait. No, go on. I'm still writing here.

Done? Ok, cool. I just thought that one was rather amusing.

Red vs Blue (gads, that's a lot of coding!) is still giving me trouble, despite my Sponsor status. There are a half-dozen or so files that won't download for whatever reason. Three from the regular lineup of the second season and most of the Sponsor Extras. I find this a little distressing because A) If it was their problem and people had written in to complain, wouldn't it have been fixed by now and 2) If the problem is on my end, what do I do then? Ugh. At least the low-res versions download from the regular updates. I need to write someone before the season is over. Hopefully I'll be able to get a showing at one of the summer meets of Anime Club. It seemed to go over quite well with most of the people at the meetings where we watched it but suddenly it stopped. [shrugs] Still, it's nice to have turned so many people on to something I liked and I can bet they're still downloading the episodes, even if we aren't watching them any more.

Thoughts are turning random and I've still got a couple more updates to check.

- E V I L O U T -

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