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Evil Jim

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01:20 am: Off to a late start tonite. I spent an hour making "subtitle" cards for the song Jon and I will be performing karaoke at Acen only to discover that I labeled them out of order. As there is writing on both sides my choices are: 1. start over and use up ten more comic boards, risking another screw-up or B) scratch out and rewrite my cues on the backs in the proper order. I'll probably go with "B" since I'm lazy and am already behind on my planning for Acen. Part of me is almost hoping that Jon won't have enough of the costume ready for me to cosplay because I know we won't have absolutely everything ready in the two weeks we have left. But I also know that I probably won't get to do this again for another year (outside of Halloween.) I really want to have the full costume -- armour, cape and all, but I could also take what we have so far and just for this year be just an anonymous anime lookin' guy. I gotta stop sleeping in.

Last night after coming home from work I cleaned up and drove my dad to the bus station at one in the AM. His twelve-hour journey will, or rather, has taken him to his brother's in South Dakota. We had a good time together on the trip up and talked about a good number of things. I've long been close to my father and possibly even moreso these last few years as a number of major changes have passed through my life. It's always been natural for me to get along well with my parents and I guess sometimes I don't realize just how significant that is these days. I may mention that we spent the day together and they marvel as tho' it's never happened to them. It surprises me when someone says how great it is that I'm still close to my parents. I wonder if that's such a rarity now for people to be married for 30+ years and have a traditional family structure. What's happened that people can't stay together these days?

Anyway, the old man and I got to the bus station early and since it was locked (and chilly out) we stayed in my car and chatted. The police were out in full force and kept circling the parking lot. I wasn't nervous since we had a legitimate reason to be parked in an empty lot in the middle of the night, but I was still very curious as to why they kept coming back every few minutes. At one point Dad said, "Geez, I hope there isn't a shoot-out." Then remarked a moment later, "On the other hand, wouldn't it be cool if there was a shoot-out?" He's 56 years old and still has a great sense of humor. (At least, I hope he was joking.) You can tell we're related, he gets this stuff from me.

I originally planned on being home before two but stuck around until the bus arrove which was 20 minutes early anyway. Not much else happened that night except for a three-way chat with the SWE and Chad which has been rare these days. I'm glad we can do this because going into chatrooms to talk to one person can get grueling at times with all the cross-talk and interruptions and pointless flame-wars. Chad told us how to build a time machine (in order to get me to a time when matter-transference devices are common so I can send him milk to cool his coffee,) explained some of the hierarchy of demons and freaked the SWE out a little, and then she tried to hypnotize us into sending her diamond earrings @_@ It was fun.

The most memorable moment of today was when I took my second break at work during the early evening and spent it outside laying in the new green grass and looking up at the waxing gibbous moon. It seemed so small directly above me with nothing else to compare to 0its size. I noticed for the first time how the darkness of the unlit side was filled in by the colour of the sky. Distance lost meaning and the white slice could have been just another cloud for all I knew. The breeze was so warm and strong, keeping at bay the night chill that was lurking in the east. I could have lain there until sunset daydreaming.

- E V I L O U T -

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Date:April 29th, 2004 08:22 pm (UTC)
Three things:
1. I thought youse guys was going to sing the Eeeee Song (possibly not its real name) from the soundtrack to 2001: A Space Odyssey.

2. I'm glad somebody else noticed the moon last night. It was quite lovely.

3. What did Mr. Coffee Nerves ever do to you?

3a. You're the guy who likes A-1 steak sauce, right? I think that was you. Try using it as a popcorn topping sometime. I'm not sure that it would work so well on the stovetop, but I mixed some into the butter last night before I put it on my popcorn, and it's much much better than it sounds.

3b. Much better.
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Date:May 4th, 2004 11:06 pm (UTC)
1. The Eeeee Song? I don't think I'll be able to handle that one again for a while now that Leif Inge got his hands on it.

2. You're welcome for the moon; I put a lot of work into it.

3. Mr. Coffee Nerves is my hero! Ridding the earth of those sickos (you excluded of course (or included, if you prefer. I don't really care) addicted to the stuff.

3a. Why is there a 3 and a 3a? Sounds like someone has a case of the Coffee Nerves.

3a. (part ii) I'll try the A-1. It sounds good. Last weekend I bought a big thing of some strawberry flavoured popcorn topping for a dollar that I might force upon you if it's good.

3b. OK, ok! I'll try it.
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