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Let the cosplay begin!

I actually put in some work on my Ilpalazzo outfit tonite. The armor is going to be tough, I just know it. All I did was some preliminary drawings while studying screenshots from the series to get a better idea of what I'll be making, and a small cutout to see how well I could turn a 2-D image into a 3-D model. At this point, with Acen something like three weeks away, I believe cardboard is the way to go. Naugahyde can wait until next year. Plus, with Dad being out of town for a week between now and Acen, finding the stuff in the right color in his hoard in the garage and getting tips on how to cut and sew it will be rather difficult. Time is of the essence and I've wasted too much already. I need a mechanical whip attached to the wall in here to get me going on things when I don't yet have the proper ambition built up.

Another part of the costume I realized with horror that I still needed is the colar. When we frist began discussing this project ages ago I must've mentioned to Jon that I could just get a dicky and add some yellow ribon. He asked about it Saturday night and I mentally smacked my forehead because I had totally forgotten about it. Yet another thing to add to the list of needed items that I have no idea where to find. Must remember to call a few clothing stores this week. (Don't sleep in, dammit! Not not now!!)

Ugh. While one anime series is stressing me out, another is keeping me happy. My wonderful friends have given me all the episodes of Azumanga Daiou, a recent favourite in my ever progressing slide toward otaku-ness. Originally, I didn't it that interesting. There didn't seem to be much of a plot and for some reason, that night I wasn't feeling very kawaii But I knew my friends were into it and as time passed I became more and more curious. Not through talking to people or reading reviews, just thinking about it and wondering what it really was. So I asked to borrow a few episodes from Matt and by golly, I loved it! I had to see more, MORE! I couldn't wait six months for the DVDs to be released. So as of last Saturday I now have the entire series in my possession thanks to Matt & Jon, as well as the first volume of the Manga c/o 20th Century books.

Which leads me to my tiny 60G hard drive which has been quickly running out of space since I got a cable modem a little over a month ago. Seriously, free space is 14.9G and dropping by the second because as I type, episode two of the live action You're Under Arrest is settling into its new home. The new drive (probably 80G (which will be installed sometime after Acen) ) will be used primarily for archival purposes with all my anime, MP3s, journal entries and chat logs stored safely away, and Elvira's main drive for active programs, games and stuff that generally moves around more. Another good idea would be a DVD burner so I won't have big spindles of discs to cart around or stacked precariously about the room infringing on peoples' personal freedoms. An especially good idea for series where on a 700MB disc you can only get about four episodes. Damn, Jon was right. I should've paid attention when he was going on and on and on about them.

Oh, but the costume! Must start and finish the damn thing before it's too late. After my first attempt tonite with a small cutout I decided I needed a model so I finally opened a couple of my richly detailed (stationary) action figures. By this point, I've forgotten when and where I got them and haven't even had them on display for at least a couple years. It was fun to dig them out and play with them for a while. In fact, I got so into it that it pretty much killed the plans for any more armour work tonite. Ah well. I can take my screenshots and sketchbook to work tomorrow and study some more. If I don't fricken oversleep again!!!

- E V I L O U T -

P.S. What is it with Bittorrent that will drag a relatively quick dowload rate down to zero during the last 60 seconds of a download forcing it to take two more hours to finish??! ARRRG!!!

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