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What an awesome weekend. Not that I did anything spectacular, just that it felt great.

Strangely, I awoke Saturday morning shortly after seven with little over three hours sleep. I was wide awake, felt fully rested and couldn't return to sleep again so I just stayed up and did some things around the house that I've been putting off all week. Got some things organized and put away, clothing washed and even some yardwork since prush pickup is coming up in my neighborhood soon. The first mow of the year went smoothly but I'll have to see about tightening the handle on my mower lest it disassemble itself soon.

Tom needed a ride to A-club so I drug him along with my errands. We had a long talk about Eva and figured out a few things. Not that it gives me a clear understanding of the series, but it was enough to prevent me from sudden random outbursts of screaming. I honestly have never seen anything like it. I'm going to be studying this one for a while; both for it's story and narrative style.

I made it through the day ok but as soon as the lights went down at the Club theater, so did my eyes. I ended up dozing through most of at least one episode of each series. It was frustrating, but with the hours I kept that day I wasn't surprised. At least I was awake for the five preview episodes of new stuff that's currently playing or just released in Japan. There were three that I wanted to see more of but the only one I can currently remember is Full Metal Alchemist of which, I have about 26 episodes. The final showing went over well with the audience. Each episode ended in a cliffhanger enticing calls to see more, more. It was one of the few times where I stayed though the entire OAV time.

Jon brought what he's completed on my Ilpalazzo costume. I really need to start on that armor. At least the headpiece. I think I could still be recognized without the armor as he's seen in the series with a minimum of it on but the headpiece/crown-thingy is a must. All I can think of so far is get a girl's plastic hair band and glue on some shaped and painted styrofoam spikes. Argh. We should have started this wayyy earlier.

Sunday (today) was mah jongg and Dad and I had a great time. We each won a few hands and I taught three or four people how to play. I think I'll put out a call on the A-club forums to see if anyone there is interested in learning and/or playing. I've helped teach enough people that I'm confident I could do it on my own now. Plus, playing would be a nice change of pace from watching AMV's before Club starts week after week. But then, this coming saturday is the last of the series for the semester so it's a bit of a moot point. Still, I could invite people over to my place and make a fun day of it. But for now, I have more pressing matters to address.

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