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More extra credit

The new crescent moon cradles Venus among the stars tonite and the other planets gather near to view the beautiful scene. Won't you join them to celebrate before the week is over?

Seraphim is 3v1L now, just as I predicted. Yay!!

I think the high point of this week so far has been the visit to my middle school art teacher yesterday morning. I stopped by to give him a copy of "Green Leather" and for help with the sails on my ship. The ship is pretty much finished, altho I could keep adding little things here and there to make it look better like lanterns, railings, cannons, anchors, etc. But for now it's done; the S.S. Beta.

My next kick will be building mini-stunt planes. He loaned me the stencils for an airplane designed after I had his class. It's small enough to fit on the palm of my hand yet still flies well by way of a thread tied to one wing. And the tiny propeller is just darling! It's only seven or eight pieces and all would fit easily on my scanner to make copies. I couldn't wait to begin and took the kit to work with me to trace and cut out the first few pieces before shift and during breaks. The Pepper Plane -- so named for the Dr Pepper box it was carved from -- is nearly complete. All she needs is wheels and a propeller. Unfortunately, I didn't diagram how they're assembled so there's a little guesswork until I can visit again. I also need to get a box of misc. craft items like sequins, beads, foil, wire, ect. if I'm going to get serious about this.

It was a neat trip back seeing the same cigar box from class that he keeps all the supplies in (dated 1986!) It's modified into an offical-looking lock-box for top-secret documents and other hush-hush information. Once I get my supplies I'll have to make one of my own. It's such a nice touch for hand-crafted toys and projects like this.

He also said he'd dig out the plans for the larger plane sometime and I'm looking forward to making those again. sacredspud, were you interested in this? You're welcome to come with the next time I visit.

Another highlight is that my Red vs Blue account is verified as of today and I now have access to the entire HiRes archive of both seasons. Also, I will be getting a Season 2 DVD when the run is complete. An excellent deal, and a little cheaper I think than if I waited to buy it from their store.

My favourite song came on and all is now too peaceful. I must go enjoy.

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