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Today was pretty unfufilling, despite the fact that I finished more things than the recent average. I copied a couple recipes so I can finally return those magazines to Mom, called my art teacher and arranged to visit tomorrow morning to work on my ship's sails and rigging, and finished writing and recording that letter I started in January. All that's left is to edit the audio which I should be alble to do in one sitting. Still, with all that done my day still feels pretty much "meh." I cut out of work early again but those two hours were completely non-productive and count only toward tonite's winding-down session. I had to be on my feet a lot today and it was worrisome trying to take it easy on my owiee toe.</boring>

A great use for old Pringles cans (besides storing old Pringles) is a travel cookie case! I had a bag of fudge-striped cook-ays to take to A-Club last weekend but didn't want them crushed. My plastic food storage boxes were too bulky but the tube was perfect!

I should start a list of things to do before Acen...

~Buy new floormats that won't shred their backing into black dirt all over my floor.
~Take said Evilmobevil to Octopus Wash for a wash and vac.
~Take Evilmobevil to mechanic to replace serpentine belt so passengers do not all die a firery death on trip there.

Other Stuff
~Decide on what to bring and how to pack. Less toys, more clean socks.
~Work on costume instead of watching so much Futurama before work.
~Try to write more stuff down as you think of it rather than lump it into your journal when your mind is elsewhere.

I'm looking forward to seeing my art teacher again tomorrow. I'm bringing "A Bit of Green Leather" for him to borrow and read. I'm also taking my ship which looks pretty pitiful, but probably not much worse than my first try several years ago. The main problem (before the sails) is that the hull is too big for the captain's cabin and upper decks. I'm not sure how this happened as I was careful to trace all his original stencils exactly. Perhaps he failed to give me some crucial bit of advice regarding this. Maybe all I need to do is adjust the hull stencil or glue the bow to a bit further back than I did. It was some trouble fitting the bow and stern rooms to the model and the former looks weird after I tried to modify it so the front wall wasn't angled. I'll get this right someday, I swear.

Oh, must also remember to mail back the "Requiem" lithograph as they sent the wrong number last time. As least I won't have to pay for shipping, but I should have had this framed by now. They're lucky to have such communicative customer service or I would have turned my back on them already.

Now I just need to get up with the first alarm in the morning.

- E V I L O U T -

P.S. (thanks to miang

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