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Evil Jim

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12:30 am: Behind the times
Instead of making a proper entry tonite I took time to put some finishing touches on my letter to WG. It's gone far past long overdue and I want to send it out within the next week or so. All I have left is to record and send it off with a dead-tree version. Gads, I need a printer. What I've been doing is emailing stuff to myself and then using my parents' computer to download and print the files I need. It seems that every time I try to buy a printer I go to the store to find that the model I want has been discontinued. Yeesh. Anyway, I'll have it out soon enough with an added bonus disc III for the SWE as a surprise.

I did some fooling around with the 9 Beet Stretch files I found and after a couple hours of watching the progress bar, managed to compress an hour long chunk back into about 30 seconds with Cool Edit. The sound quality sucks but it's recognizable again as a solo from the 4th movement. Whether it be Lief Inge's intention to split the tracks for stereo effects or if my software just isn't up to the task of processing such large files I know not. About halfway through the track the left and right channels fall out of sync. I'm not gonna bother to try again any time soon as this was just an experiment. When I find out which version Inge used I will try to purchase that for my official version.

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