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Evil Jim

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12:30 am: Taxes schmaxes
I have H&R take care of my taxes as soon as I get all the statements so my return has come and gone long ago. I can't even remember if it went toward anything specific but I assure you it was well thought out and worthwhile. Ahem.

So the 14th stays significant for the fourth month in a row. I just now realized this. Today is tax day, March 14th is Pie day, February 14th is Valentine's day and January 14th is Life Sucks day. Oh hey! May 14th is Anime Central! It just keeps getting better and better.

Today is also the day I got my driver's license eight years ago. I was still working as a stockman and taking piano lessons, living with my folks, stuff like that.... Um, so much for that nostalgic trip.

I'm gonna write a couple letters tonite to some people I haven't heard form in a while. One is my former girlfriend who I've remained friends with ever since and try to keep in touch with, but the last sign of life I got was in December in a response to my happy holidays e-mail. The other is a friend who I haven't seen in person since October and have barely heard from since. They both have somewhat erratic schedules and use that as an excuse for not keeping in contact, but I can only take so much of "I've been busy" before I just stop caring. I admit, I haven't written much either but what have I had to respond to? It takes more than one person to have a relationship and I get tired of always being the one who makes the effort to stay in touch. If they don't want to talk to me I'd rather they just say it and be done with it. Not this string him along because if I told him outright he'd be hurt and I'd feel guilty BS. Great. Now I'm getting worked up about this. I'm gonna go write those now.

- E V I L O U T -

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