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Well isn't this another fine mess I've gotten me into. I've just now found that I am out of one of my prescriptions. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving day. Name a local pharmacy that's going to be open for me. I didn't think so. Now this Rx isn't absolutely vital for my immediate survival. If I miss a day I'm not going to swell up and pop or revert back into a couple buckets of my basic elements. It's just something that could make tomorrow night very uncomfortable once my last dose wears off. And then maybe an iffy weekend while I get my dose schedule back on track since it'll be off 10-12 hours. Don't worry, I'll be fine. Despite being Evil, I'm still human after all.

I'm going to call this weekend a write-off and leave it at that. I didn't get much done, I slept in a lot and hell, it's a holiday anyway. Last night I stayed up playing Crimsonland YET AGAIN and didn't get to bed until after four. Even then, I stayed up a while longer reading Brain Droppings since I found it while stocking the new bookcase. I don't know why I can't just get to bed at a reasonable hour lately. I chat with a friend online every nite and it's usually late when they sign off as it is. I should just follow. By then I've already updated what needs to be updated, downloaded what desires to be downloaded and chatted up those that require chatting up. This happens from time to time; for a while I set as the sun rises, and then sometime later I can't keep conscious past two if lives (not mine, of course) depended on it. Is it seasonal? the weather? my wonky diet? (Those are rhetorical questions, by the way. I'd be better off asking my doctor.) It's not that big of a deal but if I could control it I'd own the world... Well, more of it, anyway.

It's not worth pointing out but I look rather ridiculous right now. I have a lovely purple towel wrapped around my head into one of those hair-drying turbans. My hair is three-years long now and I've come to appreciate the pains many women suffer to upkeep their hair. It's really annoying for me sometimes and I don't even do anything with it. 99% of the time I just tie or braid it back. With all the trouble it is for someone being uncreative about it, I'm surprised there aren't more people that just shave their heads completely.

For those uninterested, the rest of this post brags about my encounter with a celebrity. You can skip the next two paragraphs if you like and go back to downloading smut or whatever else you were doing. Thank you.

Ok, maybe I don't look that silly right now. Under my eyebrows it's my boring self in an untucked dark red flannel shirt and some "good" jeans. Oh, and fuzzy lion's feet slippers. I can go for weeks at a time not caring how I look, and then one day I spend ten minutes searching for a specific t-shirt. I'm still not that fussy overall. About the only time I make an effort is for a special occasion like a concert or family gathering; someplace someone important might see me. Like last week. I think I mentioned seeing Eric Idle in a previous post. I mean, I mentioned, in a previous post, that I saw him. Not that he was.... Anyway, I dressed up a little. I still believe public gatherings like that should require a bit more than casual attire. Nothing like a tux, but something better than sweats and a t-shirt. I dressed all in black: jeans, dress shirt and a red tie. I also wore my top hat which is flared a bit at the top and called the "Mad Hatter." It looks great and tends to get a lot attention.

The show was great; Eric's Greedy Bastard tour was every bit as fun as his Eric Idle Exploits Monty Python tour in 2000. Lots of songs and skits from "Pyth'n" (as my friend with an English accent corrects me) as well as new material, anecdotes and what could be termed as "stand-up." He was in great form that night accompanied by a man and a woman whose names I forget and John DuPrez on piano who's been involved with the Python's music since "Life of Brian." Since the show was open seating I got there early and managed to grab a seat in the front row, right up close to Eric. Closer than I realized for a few times during the show he looked right at me. I thought it could have been coincidence but after the intermission one of the times as he was coming back on stage he gave me a direct thumb's up. This quite surprised me but you see, since I'm so used to it, after a while I tend to forget I'm wearing a 7" tall exaggerated top hat -- but I quickly realized what he probably saw. He confirmed this later as I was getting in line for autographs after the show. It stretched all the way out the lobby, through the theater and down to the stage. I was on my way to the very end of the line when the man of the hour jumped down from the stage and began heading up to the lobby. I tried to get out of his way but he stopped me, shook my hand and complemented the outfit. Wow! They guy at the Sacred Feather never said this hat attracts Englishmen. I'll have to wear it to a Dead Last concert and see if I can get backstage.

So that's how I met Eric Idle. I may elaborate on the show later but my hands are freezing again. It probably doesn't help that I only keep the thermostat at 60º in here to save energy. My dad suggested a small space-heater but I can actually warm them just by meditating for a few minutes. For now I'm going to end this random rambling and read someone else's posts for a change.

P.S. I've finally remembered I still have a towel wrapped around my head.

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