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Evil Jim

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12:01 am: I've been thinking more and more about visiting D.C. this year. I'll be glad to finally do it because we haven't gotten around to it/been putting it off for a while. But now that plans have begun some of my uncertainties have dropped away and I can focus on saving and planning. I haven't traveled on a vacation for more than four years so it's about time I did something significant with my time off. In a couple months the busy season will start up at work with more opportunities for overtime and I will take all I can get. I don't expect to need much more cash than for room and board because this won't be a souvenir-oriented trip, but I'm stockpiling anyway. I want to have some left over to put toward a trip to Japan.

Yes, I've been doing some serious thinking and I'd love to take matt_william's invitation to join him on the trip he's planning to Japan. I know how much more enjoyable something like this is when you have someone to share it with. Florida and Disney World would have been pretty boring at times had I gone alone. However, something like this will be much more expensive than a jaunt to the east coast and I only have so much vacation time at work for this year so I need to talk to him about a few things. Hopefully he'll have some free time before the concert this weekend.

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