Evil Jim (evil_jim) wrote,
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If you're gonna be loud, do it with styyyyyle

Left work tonite at nine which is ok but not as fulfilling as if it had been six as planned. I really shouldn't get so excited when the manager announces at the pre-shift meeting that due to lack of work they're letting people who want to go home early. It seems like </i>I'm always super busy those days at the time I want to leave. Tonite was no different and I was racing all over until eight when I decided to leave at nine. My plan was to call Noodles & Co. and order the pesto cavatoppi -- which matt_william, in his Evilness™, has gotten me hooked on -- for a pick up just after nine since I could be there within a few minutes of when they close. Unfortunately I made the mistake of doing one task instead of another and ended up literally racing just to hit the time clock on time; no time for ordering out. So I went to Taco Bell as a consolation and ate their lame new taco salad while watching Futuramma. Then other boring stuff. blah blah blah, who really cares?

Anyway, I'm gonna start looking for a cd of steam engine train sound effects. Something with the sounds of chugging, the horn, clickety-clack, things like that. I want to edit together a CD of several tracks that I can use while driving through town with the volume WAY UP I got the idea from these bass-holes whose speaker-cars are cranked up so loud that you can hear their car trying to tear itself apart from the vibrations. Imagine, if you will, sitting at a stoplight and hearing a continual hiss of steam broken by occasional bell peals welling up from somewhere nearby. You can't locate the origin until the light turns green and you are deafened by an ear-piercing double whistle. A deep rush of air whips your head around and you jump again as a heavy THUD-CHUG! begins a slow rhythmic beat that steadily increases as a small sporty car pulls away and passes you. It may be illegal for me to have a diesel train horn installed in my vehicle, but this will be the next best thing.

- E V I L O U T -

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Current Music: 5224 banked by 957 on freight departing from keighley

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