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Happy visit... sad news

I heard some very sad news today. Nick and Mary Yankovic died last week and were found in their home, apparent victims of carbon monoxide poisoning. What's more tragic is that it was accidental. From all I know of them through the few interviews I've seen and read, they seemed like two very kind and loving parents with a great sense of humor. Their only child, Al, is very brave and strong to continue performing despite this news and I hope there are those near him to give help and support when he needs it. This is all I have to say on this matter.

I spent the weekend at my grandmother's and enjoyed the visit greatly. She's more special to me every time I see her and I'm glad that she's still healthy and able to live independently, even at 81. I hinted that the old iron she gave me when I moved into this house had shorted and threw sparks and she gave me a new one that she didn't need -- apparently it came to her free when she ordered another home appliance -- as well as some other pots and pans and things. It's very sweet of her and I appreciate every bit, but I wish she wouldn't keep hinting that she won't be around much longer when she gives me things like this. She's done this ever since my grandfather died in 1995 and it just makes me feel uneasy and a little sad. It's not something I want to deal with unless I absolutely have to.

ANYWAY! It was great to see her again and eat her fine cooking. We played mah jongg with my father and she won five of the seven hands. And she claims she's not very good since it's been decades since she played on a regular basis. It was still fun and I did win two of those hands so Dad was the only one that got skunked.

Saturday night we colored eggs as is the tradition and I did a half-dozen. Most aren't very good as I only do this once a year and sometimes it's just not easy to get inspired. I'm still proud of the Homstar egg I did. It's a good likeness even if he is pretty thin. I also drew Homestar and The Cheat on others but they look like products of a grade schooler. I really am out of practise for drawing on round things. Go fig.

While watching documentaries on Leonardo Da Vinci for a few hours I folded another modular geometric origami model for when I see Seraphim next month. It's a lot of work but the end result is worth it. I keep giving these away; I should really keep one once in a while. I'm using a similar model for my userpic today.

I came home to a full e-mail box strangely full of spam and a long letter from sacredspud about the Leisure Suit Larry game. He doesn't sound too thrilled with how they're changing the story and character and I know the feeling completely. It's happened to me where someone brought back something I loved for a new generation and made it wholly unsatisfying. The new Star Wars movies for example. It's one of the reasons why a lump of dread develops in the pit of my stomach whenever I hear new rumors on the fourth Indiana Jones movie. I could be perfectly happy if Last Crusade remains the third and final installment. As much as I love the series and the character, I'm afraid it's been too long and times have changed too much for them to equal the pace and thrill of the first three.

I have Raiders on in the background now. I'd better stop and post before I'm sucked away from doing anything productive for the rest of the nite.

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