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So much for that

I had plans for tonite and last nite. I was gonna come straight home, skip the workout and go straight to Elvira to work on the story that's ready to fall out of my head. I was gonna do it right here for the scrutiny of all; that way I'll be under eyes that expect results. Apparently mine aren't enough to get anything done. But, alas, the time was immediately hijacked for more important things. Yes, I know there's a whole day out there, but those periods between work and sleep during the day have been busy too. Still, I can keep evolving the story in my mind until I can get it down.

It was interesting Monday nite as I lay in bed trying to sleep; the more I thought about the story the more information kept coming. Effortlessly. I watched in fascination as characters went about their thing and I knew exactly how and why without figuring it out for myself. It felt more like memory than creation and that's when I vowed to tackle this as soon as I can. I hope the next few nights aren't so busy, but I'll be out of town for the weekend and I have a friend who lost someone dear to her yesterday morning so I need to be there for her as much as I can. Still, the night sweeper will roll on.

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