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This is basically a test to see if I can format text the way it's supposed to be done without having Live Journal lump everything together into one big, annoying block of illegible text.

When I typed yesterday's entry the first time I can see how there may have been some errors as I copied and pasted the quiz from miang's journal and changed the answers. It didn't work after I removed some fancy(ier) html that I thought may have glitched, nor after I copied everything over to a strictly text document and then back again. Finally, tonite I deleted the old entry and retyped the entire bloody thing and it still didn't work, losing sacredspud's comment in the process. If tonite's entry doesn't post right I don't know what I'm gonna do. I still don't know how to make "Have a cigar" appear the same size as the other text on my own screen. No one else seems to have that problem. I blame Santa for not giving me a computer when I was seven.

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Current Mood: computer just ate my 20 page research paper

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