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Frustration distribution

A portion of today and last nite was spent exercising frustration. I lost my net connection last nite at the end of a download and after much fiddling and faddling that I won't bother repeating I am back on, however I still don't presently trust its stability. I've been having problems on and off with my new cable connection and Internet protection software and I believe they're related. I will be monitoring the latter with a close eye until I can be sure it will work consistently.

Asside from Elvira's ails it was a stellar weekend. Had some time before A-Club so we took a walk up State Street and enjoyed the beautiful spring weather. Tom wanted to hit the Sacred Feather and I half expected to exit with a new hat since I wasn't wearing one that day and had my checkbook on me. Surprisingly, I didn't see any that I just had to have and ended up leaving with my own handkerchief on my head to keep the hair out of my eyes.

I don't eat at Big Mike's very often which is a shame because they have great sandwiches and subs. They even sell yesterday's loaves of bread for 50¢ each so I bought a couple to take home.

Anyway, it was game time as usual with pre-Club and we were there just in time to jump into a hand of "Kill Dr. Lucky. With Sebastian, Heather and Matt. Matt (not the one I like, this is another) really needs to learn a few things about personal hygiene. His fingernails are black and he reeks of armpit stink. I sat at the opposite end of the table from him and I could still smell it whenever either one of us had to reach to move our counter. I have a feeling he doesn't get out much. Whenever he's asked to be creative he always comes up with something about video games. His counter for the board game was a Game Boy cart for Pete's sake. He has a laptop computer that he sometimes uses during the show. This, in a darkened theater, is very annoying and there have been complaints on the forums... There's a reason I sit on the side of the theater that I do.

Woah, my awesome weekend topic warped into a rant about the gross kid. Anyway, back on track.

It took a bit to get back into Last Exile since it'd been three weeks since I've seen the latest episodes. I think discussion between series cleared up most of the questions we had. Surprisingly, I think I remembered more of what's going on than most of the other people I talked to.

The new series is looking good, even tho' I can't pronounce it. It seems to be a supernatural horror show but I couldn't help thinking "Blue Seed" during some of it. It's probably the aspect of a human with some minor powers working together with a monster to eliminate even bigger and nastier beasties. One of my favourite lines was when the vampire was talking to a boy who had killed her in the previous episode. He said, "I'm just a normal high school student" to which she replied, "high school students must be amazing."

I didn't stay for the Wolf's Rain OAVs. That series was hard to follow in the first place and having missed as many episodes as I did I really didn't see a point in finding out what happens after the series had supposed to end. I guess the original ending was too cryptic and the fans demanded more so the studio made four additional episodes. Strangely, I do have a few questions about the series, but none so weighty that I'd do more than ask someone about them this weekend

While the four of us were walking back to the car one of the regs followed us and we kept talking. I figured that he parked in the same ramp or something and was joining us until then but he followed us all the way back to my car. Still, I thought he had stuff to talk about since I wasn't paying attention. As I put my stuff in the trunk I joked "If you're lookin' for a ride, there's no room." Turns out, that's just what he wanted. You'd think he would have asked before following us all the way back, especially since it looked like the four of us were riding together but as Sarah said later, "He's a little weird." There are a few weird people that attend Club but I guess I only notice the ones that aren't on my own level.

Took Dad to play mah jongg on Sunday and I won a couple hands as usual. There were three newbies who learned and enjoyed playing and I hope they like it enough to come back. Until then there are Go meets on other weekends and Club as always. Ya gotta do something when you don't have a steady date.

After mah jongg it was back to town to format and print a document for Dad, then home for some quality loafing. Watched some DVDs in my "to do" pile and then tore my hair out for a few hours when Elvira went berserk. Heck, I thought it was gonna happen again tonite; I spent half an hour on hold to tech support since I couldn't connect to the Internet and when we finally started troubleshooting and I turned my modem on again things were fine. Eugh. Go fig.

On another note, I am devastated by the fact that my Stikfas dragon has broken it's back before it was finally assembled. I am still debating on whether I should try to order the broken part from the company or if it would be more economical to just buy a new kit and use the spare parts for other projects. I hate when a toy gets broken before I have a chance to play with it.

Holy carp! After one thirty o'clock already and I've got a dental appointment in the morning, not that this is gonna get me to bed on time.

- E V I L O U T -

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