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Busy? I just spent four hours burrying the cat!

This is what I planned to do today:
* Tidy up and cut out stencils for model ship while waiting for a call from the bank before Anime Club.

This is what actually happened today:

* Awoke to a call an hour before my alarm from Steph. She wants to borrow my Red vs Blue DVD. I say ok, explain that I had to stick around for an important call and invite her to drop by any time to pick it up. I decide to stay awake and step into the shower.

* While shaving, Tom calls to change plans about A-Club transportation arrangements. I won't need to drive all the way out there to get him as he'll be in the neighborhood. I begin laundry and pay some bills.

* Dennis drops by whom I haven't heard from or seen in several months. We visit while I rush around trying to finish a number of little things that need to be done.

* My Dad calls saying he hasn't heard back from the bank yet either and that today is probably a bust for getting anything done regarding the loan. He then proceeds to talk my ear off while I try to escape because I still have a guest.

* Success! But then Matt calls about pre and transport to A-Club. I'll be driving a full car.

* Steph calls again! She'll be over in a few minutes.

* Dennis leaves and I check the mail. Steph arrives and I burn a CD of all the episodes of Red vs Blue up to present for her and loan the DVD as well.

* Steph leaves and I finish a couple other things and begins to pay the new bill that arrived today. The moment I sit down, Tom knocks on the door.

* Matt calls again to confirm departure time.

* While waiting for a download to complete I finish some other tasks and run all over looking for some things I need to take along.

* We head for town to pick up Matt and Sarah and go to A-Club. Mission Complete!</blockquote>

Mah jongg tomorrow.

- E V I L O U T -

EDIT For some reason, blockquote didn't work to indent the rest of the entries, and I coldn't boldface the asterisks. Also, "Ravenous" is supposed to be red and I know I coded all this correctly.

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