Evil Jim (evil_jim) wrote,
Evil Jim

Mayonnaise for thought

Arrived home tired tonite so I abandoned the tasks I'd set for myself and took a 20 minute nap. Regaining consciousness once again I discovered I was ravenous so I began to eat any food within arm's reach. This isn't a very good idea since the stuff I tend to reach for can be rather unhealthy like cheese and mayonnaise and other fatty and salty snackfoods. I ended up snacking while cooking some quick potato soup which has calmed my appetite. Normally I don't eat anything between lunch and after ten when I get home at night but today I had some food at work so I'm surprised I was so hungry. Then again, perhaps it was the meal at work that spurred me on tonite. In any case, my sudden little cooking spree gave me a couple ideas to try out in full some other time. None of which are very healthy.

I'm looking forward to this weekend what with the post-spring break meet of A-Club and mah jongg coming up. No work either so it's smooth sailing for a while. My only real commitment is to stay here tomorrow until two o'clock for when the bank calls so I can go in to sign paperwork to refinance my loan. We would have done it today when both of my parents and I were all there but Wells Fargo didn't have the info we needed; mainly, the exact total needed to pay off that loan. For some reason they didn't have it on file and that retard Karim was waiting on a call from Minnesota. I swear, nothing with Wells Fargo has gone smoothly with this loan, not even now when I'm trying to close the stupid thing. No wonder they have a stagecoach as their mascot, it's slow, inefficient and breaks down easily. Grrr. I can't wait to finally get this over with.

I was listening to classical music today at work on the I-Pod in my head. Happening upon "Hungarian Rhapsody" for the first time in a while I rediscovered that I would really love to play the piano. I took lessons for several months in '96 but that was my only real structured environment for playing. I practiced regularly after that for a couple more years until a heartbreaking incident when I gave a private performance for my grandmother on her 80th birthday that I'd planned for a long time and then a few months later she didn't remember it at all. I can still play a couple of the tunes I was best at but I'm very rusty now. I still have the big keyboard I used to practise on and it probably works fine but I was daydreaming about how much I'd love a real piano. I finally have the room now and I even know just where I'd put it. I wonder how much lessons would cost. I really shouldn't be thinking about this now what with all that unfinished writing to do, but maybe my muse is shifting in a different direction for now. Maybe I need this change because I've dried out. I don't know. I'll see in a few weeks whether I'm still into this idea or not. It could be just a passing fancy influenced by a boring and tedious day. If it is it'll be cheaper, but also somehow disappointing.

Something else I've been thinking about lately since the job fair is what I would do if I had the time. Like, say if I was independently wealthy (besides the Post-It!™ hoard) and didn't have to work. Piano lessons would be a definite must. I'd also like to go to school which is ironic since I wouldn't need it if I was rich. But there are things I'd like to learn and experience and I'll always enjoy writing whether I get paid for it or not. I looked into that tech school class guide I brought home from the career fair and found their journalism courses. Unfortunately I'd have to take two years of basic classes before I got to anything I really wanted which I think is bull because if I'm paying for classes I should get to choose everything I'm taking. I don't need algebra for Basic Comp. I suck at math; I don't have the math brain. Anyway, before this gets to pointless ranting, I know there might be an option to take specific classes through another system or it may be different elsewhere, but since I'm far from going that way anyway it's only food for thought for now.

Wow, that's quite a bit for not wanting to bother with an entry tonite. Let's call it quits and go have some more soup, shall we?

Current Mood: disgust

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