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I hurt my finger while exercising tonite which makes it a little uncomfortable to type.

The job fair wasn't what I'd hoped but was about what I expected. I talked to the representatives at most of the booths and took a bunch of literature, most of which I will likely never look at again. There came a point when I was midway through my second go-around of the tables when I realized I wasn't going to come out of this with a better job. But rather than become bummed out about it I shifted my goal to search for entertainment.

It started with a flyer from Spherion™: Workforce Architects. The first line read, "Spherion is an innovative talent solutions provider..." Really, "talent solutions," eh? They couldn't just out and say they're a temp agency. That's one of the reasons why I just go up to whomever is behind the table and ask, "So what do you do?" because the brochures are so full of corporate jargon that you can't just skim it. Another was from GreenFlag Profit Recovery.Their pretty green handout was filled with blurbs about their success rate and which other companies use them and oh, look! a website, but the words "collection agency" never appear in print which is really what they are. Then there's Bernard Haldane Associates who's biggest apparent asset is the fact that they've been in business for 55 years which is mentioned no less than 4 times in their two and a half page pamphlet.

But anyway, on to the fun stuff. Free giveaways I don't care if it's redundant. Shutup.

Strangest Freebie: Tomcat mousetrap from Bell Laboratories. (I approached the booth thinking they were with telecommunications.) At first I thought it was a chip clip but is actually a "cleaner" way of catching mice. The clip-type function allows you to dispose of the caught mouse without having to touch the filthy vermin. It has a unique design; rather than breaking the mouse's neck instantly it merely snaps down on their head and lets them die of a terror-induced heart-attack. How humane.

Dumbest Freebie: Blue plastic pig-shaped bank from Anchor Bank. It's to small for me to regard as useful as it probably couldn't hold more than $10 in quarters, not that I keep much change lying around anyway but it was free (and empty.)

Cutest Freebie: Tiny blue plastic pig-shaped keychain, also from Anchor Bank. I don't collect keychains anymore but this one is adorable. It looks like a marble with legs.

Coolest Freebie: Aluminum bottle opener keychain, again, from Anchor Bank. Even though I never buy products that come in bottles that require opener tools, I still like stuff like this and face it, the rest of the stuff is crap anyway.

Most Practical Freebie: Plastic band-aid dispenser from Dean Health Systems. When the weather is dry it's really easy for me to get cuts on my hands, especially under the fingernails so I go through a lot of bandages throughout the winter. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I can fit more than three or four in there.

Least Likely to be Used Freebie: 2-state map from AAA.Though I always appreciate having them handy, I never seem to use roadmaps. This one will likely end up in my glove compartment and become forgotten, forcing me to buy a new one the next time I want to drive to Wisconsin or Minnesota.

Best Freebie: The Bic Click pens that I have never been able to find anywhere else except as giveaways at businesses. I really like these and can't imagine why I can't find them at any major office supply store. These are the only two I have at the moment so I'll have to make an excuse to go to Ward Brot so I can grab a handful from the jar by the register on my way out.

So the day wasn't a total loss. I'll probably look at the tech school catalog and student handbook sooner or later as that may be the only way I can get a better job outside of what I'm doing now. Ugh, more change.

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