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Work was so slow today that they gave some of us the option of leaving early so I dropped out mid-shift at six o'clock and went straight home. I really didn't do anything that I had half-planned on once I got there, but I did enjoy myself. Once business picks up within the next few months there won't be these opportunities so I take them when I can. Most people use their vacation hours to offset the money they'd lose along with their hours but I just take no pay. This keeps me from getting myself in trouble during really slow weeks where they might have two or three days of letting people out early, as well as lets my keep my precious vacation hours for something I really want.

I'm afraid I haven't been entirely honest in one of my past entries. I don't really work at the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen. That is, in fact, my dream job. And whenever I complain about losing benefits or conditions worsening, it tarnishes my dream so I wanted to come clean. My real job is actually very boring and stupid, that's why I don't give specifics. Do you really need to know what Evil Jim does for a living? I think you'd find that anything you come up with would be far more entertaining than reality. Go on, give it a try, I could use some ideas.

I'll be looking for more ideas tomorrow before work at the Carrear Fair. The last one I went to found me later at a temp agency and a few jobs after that at my current position. I hope I find some good prospects but I'm not sure what I'm capable of and that's something I'll have to know so I can tell possible future employers. The only schooling I've had since graduating high school is a few semesters of a creative writing class through a local technical college and that wasn't as structured as it could have been. I'm good with manual labor but that won't help me with a writing carrear except provide free time for thought and possible inspiration for story ideas and even that's not a given. I want a job where I can challenge myself with something other than the number of cartons I move per day, or customers served. I am not satisfied with where I am in my life and I want to change! Unfortunately, I'm not good with taking that first step because it could lead in so many directions... or dead ends... or cliffs.... You see what I mean?

So what will happen? Probably I'll wander around and collect a bunch of the free crap they give out at events like that; feel like an idiot or a kid that's lost and looking for his buddies, talk to representatives of companies that won't pay me as much as I'm getting now or are further away than I want to commute; collect a bunch of business cards and notes that I won't know why I have them a week from now; and show up for my real job on time relieved if only for something familiar.

I do have a few things going for me, though: I was at my very first job for five years and left on good standing if new employers check my references, I have plenty of good references that can vouch for my character, I have no criminal record, I finished school with good grades, I can even prove my time in Boy Scouts which would mean more if I made Eagle but it's still worth mentioning to some places. And most importantly, I have the love and support of my friends and family. Now, I know all this sounds like I'm making some major life-changing decision like getting married or something, but changing jobs is not something I take lightly. I worked hard and long to get where I am today by always making sure the next step I take is a step up, so naturally I'm going to be über cautious about changes to my financial security, especially with a looming appointment to refinance my home loan.

So with all that said, I'll probably just end up with some free pens, a loss of a couple bucks for parking and the same stupid job until someone comes along and sticks something better right in my face like the house, D&D, anime and a number of other things that have impacted my life for the better in recent years. Hopefully, the next change will include someone with breasts and an intense fondness for me. That, I think, would be the best change of all.

- E V I L O U T -

Note: today's title stolen from miang

P.S. 5 points to whomever can guess what inspired my LJ's appearance change.

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