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Dreamquest in theaters

Another off-weekend for A-Club being spring break and all. We watched more videos than last week since Queen of the Squeaky Mallet was there with the keys to the a/v podium. I brought my stack of mostly unwatched suggestions as usual and surprisingly there was enough interest in the animated Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath to get it shown. I enjoyed seeing it all the way through for the first time on the big screen but I could have done without Hilary's giggling throughout. It took a little while for people to get used to the way in which it was animated but by the end I think everyone was into it. It's very well done and I suspect that it will be the only film version made of that story. Now I really want to read it again but I have a list of things to do tomorrow (most of which, writing) to which I will attempt to apply myself before anything else. Of course, having said that this will be the weekend that three friends call that I haven't seen in months. But as long as I don't leave the house I should be fine.

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