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I haven't posted in a couple days because I've been editing a picture. But tonite it's become rather mind numbing and I need a break.

At my computer I have a typical office-type chair with adjustable height, back and seat. I've found all sorts of creative ways to lounge in it, none of which are recommended or good for my back. My tailbone is beginning to get a little sore as of late because of this but I'm still not sitting properly right now. When presented with a screen to view I like to sit back, almost to the point of laying down, with my chin maybe six inches higher than my knees. It's pretty comfortable on a couch or the right chair, but the one in here really isn't right for it. There is no support for my lower back so it just sortof hangs there. Sometimes I put a firm pillow there but it's not the right shape and tends to get in the way.

Whup! There; I'm starting to get a dull pain in my hip. This position is only comfortable for a few minutes, but I still try to make the most of it. An ideal chair for me would have a three-foot long seat as high off the floor as my knees while I'm sitting, high armrests and a soft back I could really sink into. The closest I've ever come to that were the overstuffed chairs in my high school library. Whenever I went there for study hall that's where I would go immediately, and if someone else was already there I'd take a table, eyeing them jealously over my books all the while. It's been a long time since I've had chair that comfortable and the hand-me-down furniture given to me by relatives when I moved to this house are a far cry from sink-yer-ass-into-this. Someday I'll get some new stuff, but since I spend a lot of time in here, it's not much of a priority.

There's a temp where I work that learned a new word this week. I think he's from Central or South America and he barely speaks English. It's difficult to talk to him because not only does he hardly understand what I'm saying, he keeps interrupting with his own attempts at speech. I usually don't have to deal with him often, but he's there in the breakroom during breaks and that's where I imitate applause by smacking my forehead. I don't know what numbskull taught him to say "Whasssssup!" but if I find out I'm trouting him into the next pay-period. Now the temp is using it several times a day because he sees it gets laughs. Ugh! I hope this blows over soon so I can go back to ignoring him as usual. Off all the catch phrases it had to be that, sheesh.

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