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This hasn't been a great day internally. It was only about 9 or 10 o'clock before I finally started to chill out. At first I thought it was the after affects of a disappointing end to an otherwise great weekend. But as the day progressed I made some connections: the gradual mild headache, the fatigue despite an adequate amount of sleep, the disturbing and annoying right eye twitch. Yes, I am now suffering from [dramatic drum beats] caffeine withdrawal. Ugh, this is why I don't usually use the stuff. Coming off it is such a drag. But lately I've been taking caffeinated soda for the variety and to stay awake working overtime weekends. I just didn't stop when I should have. I always come to this point where I have to decide; either I continue cold-turkey and go back to caffeine-free Evil or say "screw it" and keep drinking the stuff, avoiding for the time being persistent headaches and sleepyness. But since that eye-twich is really annoying, I've quit. Besides, I haven't been on the stuff long so I'll be fine soon. The longest withdrawal I've gone through was a week and a half and that sucked. I'm just not a happy guy when I go through this.

Due to the above, I was pretty anti-social today. When I get like this I can only react to what I'm given and usually give it back with change. Happy-good stuff will cheer me up just fine and last for a while, neutral situations will keep me indifferent to the world which probably makes me seem like a jerk to the casual observer, and negative stuff... well, I'd just rather not get into that. It's unpleasant. For the first few hours at work today it took a lot of effort to remain indifferent and the only thing I was able to find interest in was my Teach Yourself Go book which is now much easier to follow thanks to the first meet of Go Club yesterday.

In my living room on the floor near the couch are two boxes. One is long and narrow and the other is squat and heavy. They are the spoils of my first ever games of Go. I'd heard about it a long time ago and seen it here and there in books and movies, most recently A Beautiful Mind and I'd long thought it something like Othello or perhaps a more complex version of Connect Four (stop laughing,) but It's much more complex yet beautiful in its simplicity. There are only five basic rules, a 19x19 board and 180 stones each of black and white. Before my first game I'd read the basics so I had a good grasp of the rules and spent my first (and only) three games of the day with the fellow who had come there to teach. He was friendly and a great help. We had a good turnout so hopefully this can be a monthly get-together like we do for mah jongg.

As usual I had more to say throughout the day but lost it once I got here. Anyway, I'm looking forward to St. Patrick's day, if only for the green.

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