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Back again, still working on the account. There are a few things I haven't figured out yet. Simple things I should probably be embarrassed over like how to insert html tags rather than pasting the entire www.etc.com. I've tried it on the last post but they don't link. (The words "Crimsonland" and "Hal.") Maybe I gotta get a paid account. I should probably try to learn a thimble full of webpage stuff like this so I can manage my journal a little better and take a step toward creating my own webpage.

Speaking of managing the journal, don't be surprised if the style or colours change for a while, I'm still learning. I'll keep posting whether I'm read or not. "A writer writes... always!" (5 points to whomever knows where that quote came from.)

I'm still deciding whether I should play with this journal some more, continue downloading the Megatokyo archive (only 74 out of 490 left!) or play more Crimsonland. It's a tough choice, and notice there wasn't anything like "sleep, you idiot!" in there. Bah! I got a four-day vacation coming up. I'll survive.

Note: After posting this I discovered the reason my links weren't posting correctly was that I typed the code as "<a herf=" instead of "<a href=." I've since made the proper corrections. I am not a dork. Another Note: It's not working. Crimsonland gets a "Cannot find server" and the Megatokyo url is tacked on at the end of my LJ address. The only one that *does* work is Hal's. I'm gonna go mow down aliens with a plasma minigun until I figure this out. ARRGH!

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