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Sticky face

My face itches. Seriously, right now I'm fighting at the urge to claw at it to make the feeling go away but I know that will only make it worse until I wash. It's sort of a challenge really, to see how long I can go without messing it up. The more I do it the more I get used to it and the longer I can go without letting it bother me. Plus, practice will help keep it from itching at all. I just haven't done this in something close to a year so for the moment it's still a bit uncomfortable. I have, however, found that this new kind of gel works better than the beeswax I've had in previous years. That stuff was ok for a little while but it got very warm you couldn't work with it at all. Summer probably isn't the best time to use it anyway. Still, I've seen people do it quite successfully and I probably should have asked what they used but it never occurred to me until recently. . . Holdon, I'm gonna go wash it out.

There. All clean and soft now. I just don't dare have anything like a milkshake without using a straw. It's not easy keeping a handlebar mustache, but I bet not so difficult as a certain hairstyle or wardrobe. It still has a ways to go and I'll have to shave it off in May anyway before the convention, but for now it's something to do with this hair that won't stop coming out of my face. Matt finally tried something new this year with a goatee and it looks good. I hope he doesn't shave it any time soon because I'm just getting used to it. Colin on the other hand needs to grow his back. When I first met him he had a nice goatee which went well with his long hair. Now it's short and shaved and annoys me. Part of it is because that's what I got used to when we met, and another is that it just looks good on him. Unfortunately it's not like I can hold him down and force it to grow (so much easier to dry-shave someone that way.) Well, I suppose I could do that but I'd probably get bored somewhere along the way and go do something else. I tend to go through a few different phases throughout the year; one sortof migrates to another as I change moods. Still, in the past eight years I've only completely shaved my mustache once. It's a really weird feeling and lasts for a couple days. My face gets really sensitive once I remove everything that dampens feeling from it. I wonder what it would feel like to shave my head. You know I'll do it too. I didn't grow it for this long just to go back to something tidy and manageable once I decide to change it. One extreme to another, that's what my grandmother always used to say. Well, actually she didn't use to say it but it would be weird if she did. Hmm, I think I'm glad she doesn't say that.\

Where was I?

Oh, anime! A dozen or so of the club got together for a random anime day since most of the regs were out to No-Brand Con. No one knew who had the key to the AV podium so we BSed and played a hand of "Give Me the Brain" special edition. Then Matt mentioned he had his father's laptop so we hooked it up to watch something and then didn't because the proper software isn't installed. Joe had his and so began the show with Colorful which we probably wouldn't be able to see in Club at any other time. We watched the first half of that and then I went out to retrieve the people who were offended by it so we could watch something else. It turned out to be a lot of anime music videos. It started out when I suggested we watch the Magnetic Rose/Phantom of the Opera vid and the first segment on Memories and we just kept up with the videos since everyone noticed ones they wanted to see on Joe's file list. It was a fun night and I only dozed through about 10 minutes of an episode of somethingerother since I've been awake since four this morning. Next week is still up in the air about what we'll watch but we'll plan on the forums. Someone suggested a marathon of Evangellion. I second that. If it happens, well, I'm not sure what to expect but I've been told it messes with your head. Heh heh.

- E V I L O U T -

P.S. In Japan, Valentine's Day is observed but only the girls give gifts to guys, especially chocolate. One month later on March 14th the it's reversed and girls get the gifts. Just thought I'd mention that.

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