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Thank you to everyone who thought of me and wished me well today. You all rock!

Good day. Productive day. Expensive day. Hit the snooze alarm only twice this morning and was out the door by noon-ish o'clock. Last weekend Mom said she had something still on its way for me so I stopped by to pick it up today. I mentioned that I needed something to block the gap under the door to the laundry room because it gets very cold and drafty in there and she gave me a very long mouse filled with sand. Pretty much what I needed but more tacky than I'm comfortable with. Still, I'll probably ask her to send it back because the gap under the door is a couple inches and the mouse isn't close to being fat enough. At least it's nearly spring and I won't have to bother with it for several months now. Wai, Mithrus!

Stopped back at the new Oriental shop in town and bought five more covered mugs for a set. They're cheap, but I like them a lot with the blue dragon designs. The shop also has this tall decorative table for $50 that I'd like and they're giving away large vases for purchases of $50 or more so I'd have something to complement it if I did buy the table. But my house is still full of miss-matched stuff and hand-me-downs that I can't think of anywhere it would look right. There are lots of things I haven't gotten because of that reason, and fifty bucks is a bit much for something I don't have a practical need for. For now, I'll leave stuff like that to professional decorators.

The post office didn't know where my geek blanket was, even tho' the online tracking system said it was in town. I stopped by spur of the moment to check, just in case I could pick it up there or something. To be honest, I didn't even remember the carrier I chose when I ordered. Baka. But I faked it well enough to make it seem to the teller that I knew what I was doing. All I got in the mail today was a flyer and something from the city's utility company which I know isn't a bill because I paid that the other day (I think.) I left them in the box. No since collecting anything that isn't interesting.

I had to stop back at the house on the way out of town because I left my checkbook on the rocking chair while packing my bag. That was annoying because I had to pay for the mugs with my credit card which I don't like to use unless it's necessary. No package in the brief interval while I was out so I headed up to the city to get my annual discount. Didn't find much there tho'. Not even in the Cheapass Games bin. -- They're not that cheap any more. The new ones, at least. -- I took with me a special edition of "Give me the Brain" and a white plush dragon. The dragons are maybe 18 inches long and covered with black vinyl spikes. Very detailed and menacing. I'm hoping the company will release a green version so I can have one for each of the dragons in mah jongg.

Speaking of, I'm anticipating the next meet of the club because I've missed a few games this winter. I'm also looking forward to the first Go meet this weekend. The store manager and I discussed it the last time we met for mah jongg and I showed enthusiasm for the possibility of a day just for Go like other games they sponsor. I bought a rule book shortly before B-Fest and have a general idea of the rules and play, but I need to get in a few games before I can handle strategy. But I can tell you this, it's nothing like Jenga.

After a quiet lunch during the off-hours at Unos, since I was on the west side I stopped in to harass Matt... who was not in at work for the moment. I left a banknote from Hell for him and proceeded forthwith to my anime shopping spree which cost much less than I dreaded, mostly due to a number of the titles I wanted being out. However, I don't' believe I will be anime shopping at Best Buy any more. One of the DVDs I brought home had multiple price tags and as I pulled them apart one by one I found that the original price was $22.99, raised to $25.99 and then to $29.99. Naturally my reaction was WTF??! If a title doesn't sell aren't prices supposed to go down over time? Gads. Looks like it's amazon.com and friends from now on. Plus, if my order is over a certain amount at the former, shipping is free. As long as I keep saving I'll always have enough to avoid shipping fees. (sigh) So long instant gratification.

I did find Matt at work a little later and I kept him from being productive for a while. It's a little awkward trying to talk to someone and then having to stop while they help customers here and there. Luckily it wasn't that busy so I was able to stay a while without getting into trouble. It helps that he's the manager at the place. But since the new anime was burning a hole in my trunk I eventually excused myself to head home to play with my new toys.

I try to keep my own days low-key like this. I keep to myself and that way no one else can really bring it down. I get to wander around with myself at my own pace with no curfew or obligations except to have a good time. Last year it was on a Saturday and Witch Hunter Robin night at A-Club. I really wish I had gone but a friend said she won tickets to a concert and invited me along. I went because I felt obligated since it would have been difficult for her to go alone and didn't know if anyone else she knew could go at such short notice. It turns out that the concert was free anyway and two of the three acts we saw weren't that great. The only thing that made it worthwhile was Harmonius Wail and their gypsy swing. It was still a fun night, but I still spent a lot of time thinking about my original plans.

The year before however, was one of my best ever. All that week I had been listening to a new album and thinking of things I wanted but wouldn't feel right asking for. I said nothing to nobody and kept listening to one song over and over because it had gotten into my mind and wouldn't let go. I thought how what I wanted most was a call from a long-distance friend which happens so very rarely. And if they called, how nice it would be if they sang for me again, which is even more rare. And as long as I was daydreaming, the song I wanted to hear most was the one I was listening to every day. It was a quiet wish I had and I told nobody.

Shortly after midnite the SWE called! We chatted for a bit and she said she wanted to play something for me!! I was still surprised and stunned as I was taped to the mic stand in front of the amps on the other end. So much, that it took a few bars before I recognized the song that I had been hoping for all week!!! It was beautiful. It's not often that I hear a rendition of a song I like more than the version by the original artist. It moved me, even brought tears to my eyes. I will never forget it for as long as I live. It was a full year before I would listen to that song again for fear of altering my memories of what I heard that night.

The rest of that day fared no worse as I did pretty much the same as other years with a day of shopping and bumming around. A package was waiting for me at Mailboxes Etc. from WG which I picked up on the way out of town to Best Buy. (no, I don't always stop there) This was the day I bought Meddle by Pink Floyd. I remember listening to it for the first time as I drove across town, how much I liked it and how different some of the songs were from anything I'd heard before. That day is part of why I like it so much.

The evening found me with my entire gaming group, including Chad who called for the occasion. We all went to Famous Dave's for dinner (my second time that day since I could get a discount) and when we returned we partook of the king cake I made with the help of Dennis a few days before. Fun, fulfilling and fantastic. (Gads, I'm starting to sound like an ad jingle.)

Tomorrow morning I'm visiting my middle school art teacher for some extra credit. This is going to be a very busy week for me, but probably a vacation compared to some of my friends who have work, school and a social life to try to fit together. I wish them luck, for I seem to have found plenty today.

Afterthought: For some reason I'm having swiss cheese along with my chocolate milkshake. I can't quite figure this out.

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