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Saturday was just great. Slept in a bit but got out of the house early with the intent of sitting at the back of the BESM group and working on some origami until some others came in for the "random gaming" in the other room. Didn't quite work out as planned, tho'.

Friday when bumming before work with Matt we stopped at the local head shop and while there some interesting music caught my ear. It sounded like Indian (as in, from India) drumming and electronic synths. I asked what it is and if they sold it and found out that it's Dhol Foundadion - Big Drum: Small World and no. Damn. But the web address on the back indicated it was from Shakti Records so I decided to seek it out the next day. Prepare to fast forward to the next day (preparing to fast forward, Sir!) Fast forward! (fast forwarding, Sir!)
>> >> >> >> >> >>

Hit a favourite bookstore for the new manga fix and found Shakti straight away. Found the album straight away too and it was just as green as I remembered. Common sense told me I should eat sometime soon and I set my food detector to "detect food." While walking by Peace Park I heard someone shout at me the magic words "Free food!" and I whirled around to find a young man in a goatee and dread(full)locks doing handstands on the sidewalk. I looked about and saw a shopping cart filled with bags and a sign also advertising no-cost comestibles, some pots and kettles perched on a stone flower box farther back and a few other people similarly dressed in attire from Ratstock. Seeing he'd caught my attention the young man asked if I'd like something to eat. When I inquired, puzzled he replied no special occasion, they do this every Saturday for anyone who wants to partake. There are also many who turn them down thinking it's just for the unfortunate, hungry and downtrodden but everyone is invited. So curiosity got the better of me and I decided to help myself to some free grub. It was quite good and all vegan too, prepared within walking distance at one of the local co-ops. I had some delicious vegetable soup, a boiled red potato and a cup of warm apple cobbler. I chatted a bit with the others involved and watched the first fellow (rather ineffectively) attempt to call passerby to share in their meal. I don't know how long they've been doing this but I will make it a point to stop by again en route early to A-club.

So much for origami. I was just settling into the BESM room when Craig started asking me about what games I brought and if I was planning to play anything right away. There was one other person who was just sitting around as well so I gathered my box, bag and leather jacket and headed down into the bowels of the theater where I spun the new Dhol foundation disc while we fired up a game of ZOMBIES!!! It's been a couple years since I played but after I read aloud the rules we picked up quickly and the game went on smoothly. Boy did it ever went on. It's one of those games that could last thirty to a hundred and thirty minutes depending on how the cards are lain and the dice thrown. By five I was ready to grab some munchies for the rest of the evening so I bowed out and had Bob-San take my place as he was familiar with the game. They were still playing when I came back twenty minutes later but the game ended before the show began. As soon as I walked in an Asian girl stopped me and asked me to fill out a form about A-Club for a project in her anthropology class. Having a weakness for attractive young girls I elected to oblige her rather than socialize at the front of the theater as I usually do. I managed to fill out half of it before the lights dimmed but my answers were rushed and penmanship poor. During a break I asked if I could just e-mail her my responses and I will post them here for my own records when I do.

This was the night to preview the second short series up for vote. They were:

Record of Lodoss War oav - A fantasy series with your standard set of D&D characters/races. I haven't been in much of a fantasy mood lately and this bored me for the most part, tho' there was some humor I appreciated.

Kanon sounded really dumb from the review linked to on the forums but turned out to be the one I voted for, despite the fact that everything happens twice due to multiple flashbacks. I like the animation (even with the disturbing character faces) and the story was intriguing. Guess which one got the least votes.

Shingetsutan Tsukihime had something to do with vampires and a young boy who saw creepy red lines over everything and some other things I can't remember for some reason. I had a headache for most of the evening.

Naruto - Everything is better with ninjas! It looks like a fun series but as it's actually quite long and the first story arc is 19 episodes (where we would stop watching) there's a better chance it will make it for a full series next semester.

So Shingets-whatever won. I'm not disappointed and I don't think I will be falling asleep during the regular series any time soon, but now we have three dramas in a row and all are digisub. I would have appreciated a bit of something different but Last Exile has it's light-hearted moments and is my current fav. Oh, and I'll stay for any episode of GitS with Tachikoma. I want one of my own!

Rather than subject myself to another Tyler OAV (why? Why didn't they just stop after the first one??) I invited myself along with Sebastian, Hilary and a few others to Ian's pizza for more food I didn't need. Still, where else am I gonna find macaroni and cheese pizza?

So yeah, Saturday was pretty good. I'd been leaving Sunday open for the possibility of a private anime marathon but since I never heard back from Sheree I went with plan B: making it up as I go along. Colin was available and since I haven't made fun of him in person in a while I invited him over to help make stuff up as I went along. While waiting I washed and folded a bunch of laundry I'd been putting off and cleaned and put away the dishes. I even made some brownies from a mix my aunt and uncle (I think) gave me the week before. After the required bake time they were still gooey in the middle so I kept putting them back in the oven which didn't really work. Anyway, Colin came gifting bears with Zoltabrane. It's really cool and I only wish there was more than 27 minutes of music. I gave him a brownie which he enjoyed but when I had one for myself later I found they were very dry and hard. Should've let them cool rather than bake longer. Oh well.

After copying Scumm and a bunch of Lucasarts games to Elvira we decided food and book shopping would be a good idea and blah blah blah I ended up with a 56 year old copy of The Devine Comedy and a couple used CDs. I also found the new Liberty Meadows hardcover book was out and decided I couldn't live in good conscience without it. Dinner at the Jade Garden was uneventful save the conversation which I dare not repeat here. Yes, folks, another good day. I'm rockin' like Dokkin on this weekend and I still have a day to go. Let's hope my b-day cash supply can hold out.

The past two years I've received a phone call on the 8th from the SWE. I hope this trend continues to ensure another perfect day.

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