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I grew very tired while driving home from work tonite. I'm not to thrilled when that happens because A) I'm tired, duh. And B) It's just dangerous. However, this still didn't stop me from walking up the hill to my mailbox twice. Once without the key and again to find that it was empty anyway.

I'm expecting a few things that could arrive any day now. One being the latest release by Drumatic from Tonecasualties. It's a small operation so it takes a while for them to ship but I'm tired of waiting and just decided it's time. Another is the Geek blanket from thinkgeek.com which I know will be here early next week, maybe even Monday. The third is a poster from Crusade Fine Arts which I originally saw at a framers when I went to pick up my Megatokyo prints. But I bet, as usual, the day they all come will be the one that I forget or don't bother to check.

Had a good morning and brunch with matt_william today while running some errands. While en-route he noticed the sign for a newly opened shop that specializes in imported furniture and um, china from China. I bought a set of chopsticks and a lidded mug but I want to go back when they have a larger selection since they've only been there a couple weeks. There was a snack table and I sampled some unpleasantly flavoured shrimp chips and strangely good fruit slices that I swear looked just like slices of salami. The one fellow running the shop had a great handlebar mustache and I forgot to ask what he uses to manage it. In the past I've used the one type of wax I can find but unless I keep twisting on it like Snidely Whiplash it doesn't stay very well. My soup-strainer is getting to that length and I need to start doing something with it before I'm eating hair with my ramen.

I'm looking forward to a great weekend. I'm leaving early for A-Club for lunch and to look for some music on State Street, then to sit in on BESM and listen to the game while I work on origami for Sarah Gallagher. Sunday and Monday are still open but I have ideas for last-minute plans. Right now tho', my head hurts so I'm gonna veg until a contact comes online.

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