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Weird Shapes [<^>]

So the first thing I mentioned yesterday was how tired I was when I started writing. Then after I go online, take care of business, chat with a friend for a couple hours and log off do I go to bed for a good night's sleep?? Nooo~. I stay up and play Crimsonland until I can barely sit upright. I even turned the volume up so it would get annoying and I'd quit, but that only fired me up more. This kid needs some discipline, I tell you. Next thing you know he'll be sleeping through work and fiddle farting around until past dawn. Someone should take care of him.

Crimsonland is a great game, tho'. Simple, fun and *highly* addictive. Blame sacredspud for showing it to me. There's just you... in a field.... with a gun... and ten thousand reptillian aliens coming at you. You shoot and shoot until you die. It's as simple as that. The kind of game where I tell myself I'll only play for an hour and it turns out to be three. Mmm. Crunchy. Addictive... And one of the cases where the free version is better than the pay-for.

I've been reading Asimov lately. I found the book Gold when cleaning out boxes for the bookcase and I noticed I hadn't finished it. Now I'm starting over at the beginning again. It's a collection of short stories and essays, "His last words on Science Fiction" so says the cover. I think it was published shortly after his death in the mid-ninetys. Good stuff, it makes me want to write some SF of my own.

I've written SF in the past with mixed results. My most recent story is about a scientist in the late 19th century who creates a time-machine that can only travel forward. I like it a lot but some people have pointed out similarities between that and H.G. Wells' The Time Machine so I'm not entirely sure what to do with it. Sure, it was inspired by the concept but I haven't read the book since grade school and I can't remember if I've seen the movie all the way through. I'm not talking about the newer adaptation with Guy Pierce which I've heard was pretty lousy. I mean the one from about the sixties where the only scene I remember is of a working miniature of the time machine is demonstrated using a bent cigar. If you haven't seen it you won't know what I'm talking about. I'd like to send my story to Weird Tales but I can't find a digital version that I can update, edit and print fresh copies from. It may be trapped on my IBM Thinkpad™ which is in need of a new battery and power cord for it to be of any use other than a waffle iron. It's frustrating, not only because of the problem but that I never remember to look into rectifying it when I have the opportunity like, say, when I'm in a computer store. I'll remember one of these days, I swear!

I noticed
Hal added me to her "friends" list a couple days ago so I checked her out and added her to mine... I mean checked her *journal* out. (Cleanthoughtscleanthoughts) I'm currently plowing through the archive and am almost up-to-date. Good stuff. Interesting stuff. I'd e-mail her about it but it sounds like there's a backlog. So if you're reading this, Hal, hi!

I've been doing more origami lately. It's beginning to become an obsession. I wish I had learned of unit origami when I started doing this in grade school because I'd be folding space and time by now. My latest project is larger than my 18" monitor, cost something like $25 in paper and took several hours to fold and assemble. Throughout last Sunday while visiting my grandmother I made a smaller version in a few hours that is now sitting under a green light in my living room. Stuff like this makes good gifts because it's cheap, relatively easy once you get the hang of whatever you want to fold and it impresses the hell out of anyone who can't do it. I know people who are amazed at cranes. Cranes! About the first thing you learn to fold when taking up origami. I did half a dozen of them from 2"² notepaper while waiting for Eric Idle's show to start last Tuesday and then put them onstage next to a birdcage when no one was looking. If I were a millionaire I'd still give origami as gifts. I have a friend who is translating a quote for me *into* Japanese. "With origami, if one has paper one is never without toys." Yes, it's definitely getting to be an obsession.

My hands are getting cold again. I should really do something about that.

Note: For some reason the word "Thinkpad™" really screws up LJ's spell checker. This is the second night in a row half the preview screen has gone red after the word. Weird. Eerie.
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