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Earlier, I read my new graphic novel of Cortney Crumrin and the Night Things and found a panel that just cracked me up. I scanned it and spent some time figuring out how to insert images into my journal. Since the image isn't as readable when any smaller, and to save space on my friends' "Friends" pages I've posted it title or description. If you don't know what I'm talking about don't worry, just ask me to show you the DVD.

Speaking of, no such item is within my grasp tonite. Eldon called this morning to say that the part wasn't in yet so we rescheduled for Friday. So not only am I still suffering from withdrawal, I'm also a little annoyed because now I very well could have my cable hooked up by now.

On the "fun" side of today, my pants malfunctioned. About mid-shift I went to the restroom to freshen up and noticed that my zipper was unzipped. No, wait. It was zipped up, just not zipped together. After some fiddling around that I'm glad no one else witnessed I went out in search of some item that could keep me from flashing and attracting scores of adoring fans while I was trying to work. I ruined a few paper clips but finally managed to puncture some holes through the double-layered denim and fasten a makeshift, heavy-duty twist tie to keep the zipper opening closed. It helped considerably but just to be safe, I untucked my shirt to help cover up. This did not, however, solve the growing hole in the right thigh of my jeans which formed over time through carrying the same tools in that pocket for countless weeks at work. Fixing my fly weakened the fabric in that area and began a tear that would only lengthen as I moved throughout the rest of my duties. For the moment it wasn't serious so I went back to work. Later, the tear had grown six inches and I felt it best to take correctional measures by way of a few feet of clear packing tape. This worked somewhat, but since denim stretches more than plastic tape, it took a while to apply a patch that wouldn't pull off the moment I got up. Thusly, I spent the rest of the shift, walking carefully and trying not to attract attention to myself.

Seeing as how the jeans were old, worn and full of holes, once I got home I undressed, tearing the jeans to shreds from my body in an overly masculine display of, um... overt masculinity. Fun Stuff.

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