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B-day rehearsal

Ahhh, what a good weekend.

I'm still arriving early at A-Club for the social thingy. I got in another game of Kill Dr. Lucky and won with the chainsaw! Good stuff. Fun stuff. Unfortunately one of the other players had black fingernails and smelled like a wet dog. It's also unfortunate that he's not the only member you can recognize by scent. There's a very good reason I sit on the side of the theater that I do.

Anyway, I made more fudge the night before and it was even better this time. I almost thought I'd ruined it when I added one of the ingredients and the chocolate became a coarse, thick blob but I kept stirring over heat and it got a little better. By the time it was spread into the pan and ready to cool it looked great. My new heavy-duty pizza cutter got a workout the next day when I cut the bars. I fit what I could into a Tupperware-ish container and brought it to Club to share, as well as a box of Rolodexes. ("Free Fudge -- It's fudging good! / Free Rolodexes -- They're fudging good!) The fudge went over well. Too well actually, because when I jumped down to the table in front between series to grab a chunk the box was empty. Hey! I just remembered that I may still have a few leftover pieces of fudge in my fridge. Let's hope I didn't scarf it all over the past couple days because I certainly don't remember.

I enjoyed the ending of Onegai Teacher that nite, tho' I heard rumors there's a #13 that isn't part of the main storyline. Perhaps something like #26 of Excel Saga. [shrugs] This will be my mental note to bring first episodes of the three short series I own to the next meeting. I'd like to see all of them at Club since two I haven't watched yet, but I voted for Nightwalker in the forum poll. It sounds dark and attracted me for some reason. Right now the voting results are tied between that and Naruto, all two of them.

Fambly came for Mom's birthday on Leap Day and since mine is coming up we combined them. My uncle had his usual little racist rant early in the visit and since I was running around the kitchen helping Mom cook I missed most of it. However, I did step in for a moment to help change the subject and after that conversation is fine. My aunt and uncle seem to complain a lot, especially about their jobs. But even when they take one of their numerous vacations to exotic places it seems the only things they talk about is what they didn't like; the food, the service, prices. Especially the prices. Yeesh. Ok, that's enough about complaining about complainers.

People were generous for my (early) birthday. I got mostly cash -- which I asked for -- and what I didn't ask for I enjoy. Well, except for the Jelly Bellys. My favourite flavour is the buttered popcorn and my aunt and uncle gave me a couple pounds of them. Unfortunately it's the sugar-free kind which really ruins the texture and gets stuck in the teeth. Anyway, mom gave me a liquid soap dispenser which has an additional waterproof sleeve around the bottle where you can insert pictures and things. She made a little counted-crosstitch wrap-around dragon insert which is really neat. Now I gots ta get me some liquid soap. I also received the first volume of the Adventures of the Mini-Goddesses to complete my collection. All that's left is order that custom metal DVD art box to keep them safe. There's also one available for Excel saga, a sixer and another that holds seven to include Puni Puni Poemi.

Lessee, what else... The second book on folding origami boxes by Tomoko Fuse, a jar of peanuts and the Back to the Future Trilogy. Grandma also gave me a box of towels, bowls and other household items she didn't have much use for anymore but is much appreciated by me.

There are a couple expensive items I had planned on throwing the money at but both expenses kindof evaporated. When everyone left Sunday I dropped my folks off at home and began calling around to find company on a brief jaunt to the city to buy a cable modem. Tom was free and we got to the store with plenty of time. I browsed their selection and an associate pointed out a modem that had a manufacturer's rebate of $20, sweet. Not only that, but if I signed up for a cable Internet service right there, the store would give me a $60 rebate thereby making the modem effectively FREE. Wock on! So I went and bought Rubber Soul and the most awesome movie Memories from the man who brought us Akira. And since I'm getting my DVD Rom drive replaced this week I'll finally be able to dig into that largely unwatched pile of new anime. Wai~!

The other item was a car battery. Problems with the Evilmobevil struggling to start were from an old battery which I replaced today. Dad helped me find the right one and switch it out under the hood. He also bought it for me as a gift since he couldn't think of anything else and this was something I really needed. Throughout the years I've never really gotten many gifts from my father, not that it's some sort of problem. Mom always took care of that kind of thing for birthdays and holidays with family and friends. The only person he shopped for was her. But in recent years I'd pointed out that it was really Mom who picked things out for me most of the time and since he saw it held some importance to me he's started putting out. I'm actually surprised since I didn't really mind in the first place but it's really sweet of him. It's kind of funny, tho'. I wouldn't normally think of a car battery as a birthday gift but it's very useful and expensive, and thoughtful of him to be looking out for me even when I'm an adult and living on my own. He still reminds me to check my tire pressure and have my oil changed which, admittedly has been necessary more than once. Dad stuff. Cool.

All that's left is the printer which is essential if I'm going to send out more submissions this year. The model I want just isn't available at the places I checked. (Ok, just one so far but I'm still gonna look.) Of course, I'll probably buy it's weight in anime by the time I find it, but it's a "priority one" now.

Where was I? Oh, about to sign out.

- E V I L O U T -

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