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Non B-day

Woah, no one on my friends list has posted since yesterday. I'm the front runner by two posts now!

I'm still tidying up the house before company comes this weekend. The place isn't a dump, I'm just not doing much at once. Clear off the kitchen table one day, the counter the next. Throw all the file boxes in the back room, wash dishes, etc. Of course, It didn't help that I hit the snooze alarm for an hour and a half this morning. That'll make more to do tomorrow and Saturday where I'll have even less time if there's an opportunity to work overtime.

Expecting company is a good way for me to get things done that I would have put off otherwise. Cleaning, organizing and what have you. I always come across other stuff that needs to be done too. If I actually get up with the alarm tomorrow I'll have time to make cranberry sauce and fudge. If the fudge works I may share it at A-Club... if it works.

Ok, that paragraph didn't go anywhere. Here's a new one about my upcoming birthday: Again, when my family asked what I wanted for gifts I pretty much shrugged. Eventually I gave Mom my amazon.com "wish list" to shop from. It's all stuff I want but nothing that, 10 years from now I'll find and remember how sweet it was of Aunt Mary to give to me. Most media gifts are like that, kinda impersonal if the giver doesn't know the significance of the title to the getter. However, there are a couple media thingys that I'd love to have and would be forever grateful to whomever found them for me. Unfortunately they're probably extremely difficult to find.
The Marcus Theaters theme music. You know the tune, they played it before every movie all through the '90s during the "No talking, No smoking, No red meat, etc" computer graphics welcome to the theater segment. So many good theater experiences have begun with that music that I want it for my very own.

Sesame Street! Remember the pinball cartoon? Of course you do! "One two three four five, six seven eight nine ten... " If you sung the rest then you're there. I assume there were twelve of those and I want them all. I'm not ashamed to admit that even in high school I would sometimes watch the show in the morning just in case they might play those. Are they even shown anymore?

MTV's The State is one of my all-time favourite sketch comedys, right there next to Monty Pyth'n. It's been off the air since I graduated and never released on video. I have found a few audio clips of sketches online but I don't have access to the newsgroups that might have entire episodes available. Just to see "$240 Worth of Pudding" or "Sideways" house again would make my day.

Oklahoma Jim was first co-created in my 8th grade communications class for the radio unit with matt_william. Students were pared off to write a five-minute radio broadcast then perform it for the entire class using the room PA speaker. I had long believed the original scripts and tape to be lost, but I've always held hope that a copy of one or the other exists somewhere. I have offered... many a valuable thing should they ever be recovered. Now recently, Matt's father has claimed to have stumbled across the tape, the TAPE of the original broadcast somewhere while sorting or cleaning. Oh, what I would give to hear that again, especially I have rewritten that episode and many others from memory in the years since. Eldon has yet to uncover it again as he found it in passing and moved on. It may not even be what he thought it was, but as long as there is a thread of hope I will hang on. The trick will be to remind him enough to keep looking without being so annoying that he doesn't bother, which may have happened when I kept bugging matt to search for the scripts on their old Amiga.

My family wouldn't know what these things mean to me, nor would they know where to start looking. But I felt obligated to make shopping easier for them so I opted with the list of anime and other titles I want. It wouldn't break my heart to receive nothing but company and well-wishes, but traditions die hard. They still hand me cards for some holidays even tho' I've expressed my distaste for them many times. I'd rather they just recite the joke from the card they liked best in the store and handed me the cash money they would have spent on it. Besides, what's the point of giving a card if you're not gonna write something other than your signature?

Uh, anyway, I'm looking forward to taking the day off work for my birthday. I usually spend most of the day alone window shopping, taking lunch at a favourite place and generally enjoying the freedom. It's on a Monday this year and will be a long time before it lands on a weekend again. I wonder what things will be like then. Who I'll be with. If I'll be published... There's only one way to find out.

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