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You're listening to EVIL radio...

I'd make a great DJ, really I would. You know why? Because I WOULD SHUT UP! I wouldn't cut off the songs and I definitely wouldn't talk over the intro/outtros. That's just rude. I listen for the music, not to hear how great the station thinks itself is. When they say they're playing an hour of non-stop music, why do they have to interrupt between every other song to tell you you're listening to an hour of non-stop music? That's why I'd be great; you'd hear some song titles, and what you came for, that's all.

My favourite example:
Me:... For those of you just joining us, that was Dead Last's latest album in its entirety. Starting now we've got Thick as a Brick, Karn Evil 9 and In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, see you in an hour and a half!

Yeah, I suppose I'd have to give station ident a couple times a day but anything nonessential would be kept to a minimum. I'd listen.

So now I have to talk about anime because I keep thinking about it and how much I miss it since my DVD Rom drive went on the fritz. I'm beginning to think it's a hardware problem which is almost a relief because I know I can solve it by getting a new one. Strangely, I can't find the original packaging or any documentation which I'm very puzzled about because I've been really good about keeping track of that stuff for Elvira. This is especially annoying because without the documentation I have no way of using the warrantee if it's not run out yet. However, a quick check at tigerdirect.com shows I can get a decent replacement for under a hundred dollars. Still, I at least want to find some evidence of where this drive came from, if only to prove to myself that it exists at all.

My primary motive for fixing the DVD Rom thing, apart from the lack of porn fact that it annoys the living heck out of me, is the stack of new and unwatched anime gradually attracting dust. Most importantly, it delays the Scorcerer Hunters-a-thon with miang if we want to do it at my place. Someone remind me to call Eldon for suggestions on a different brand.

More better computer stuff includes cable! I'm finally gonna do it. I've been dragging along with a top speed of 26,400kbps for nearly a year and I'm just getting sick of it. I saw a decent deal with Charter and when I get my own modem I'm gonna call to sign up. My computer-savy friends have described Elvira as a "powerhouse" and I'm really² tired of her wimping along like this on the Internet. Once I get my loan refinanced (those Fs still haven't called back so I can proceed!) I should be better on the financial front (excepting the car thing which I am presently attempting to temporarily forget) and finally able to buy more toys fill in the hole in my savings.

Speaking of saving stuff, I have something for matt_william that I've been meaning to give him for four years. The news about his upcoming vacation reminded me for the last time and I finally decided to stop putting it off. Unless I forget the box or he doesn't show up, I'll have it for him at A-Club this weekend. Gear!

Back to anime... I staved off some of my withdrawal earlier this week when I was able to watch the first four episodes of Please Teacher!, two of which I missed due to B-Fest. It's really a good series and always a little weird when a number of people file out of the theater during the showing. The story is much deeper than the hot girlfriend/fanservice the first couple episodes may have led it to seem like. The most recent couple episodes at Club were quite emotional with not much humor. This is turning out to be much more than I expected.

- E V I L O U T - ... you probably already expected that.

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