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Yellow pages recall

I got my new 2004 phone book last week. Well, not 2,004 of them but definitely more than one. In fact, I got four. I found them on my porch after running errands in town before work -- it must be a rule that they have to be delivered in the rain. I found thick plastic bags by my front door and the one off to the side, both of which contained a two-inch thick phone book for the city and surrounding areas as well as a much slimmer version for my hometown. I don't know what possessed these people to drop off twice as many. Last year when I got three they were at least all different. My house is pretty obviously a single-family residence and I would find it fairly hard to mistake it for a duplex, even with the two doors where they are. Perhaps the fact I shoveled the snow away from both doors was confusing. Maybe my yard gave the impression that I was the type of person who's weapon of choice in the game of Clue would be a phone book. Or... well, I love origami but the yellow pages would suck for that and get ink all over my fingers. Who knows?

So now the next obvious question is... yes, I'm wearing pants. Lemme finish. The next question is, "what do I do with them?" I really only need one of each and it's rare when I gotta look something up because my important numbers are already written down. My first thought was to give them away, but everyone else probably already has the same editions. I could recycle but that's no fun. At least, not before I've gotten some atypical use from them. I could tear them in half, but what would I do with more (slightly smaller) phone books. I'd like to subtly glue all the pages together, that way on the off-chance that a guest actually needs to use one, ... well, you know. Or I could just throw it at their head. Or, hey! cheap packing material, as long as I don't mind crumpling up several hundred pages. Carp. Feel free to make suggestions.

Got my car recalled today. Or, rather, I took it to the dealer shop so they could examine and replace the lower steering pinion bearing. The malfunction of which could cause the power steering to fail on left turns or even pull to the right. They found no problems with mine today, but my previous vehicle, an '85 Chevy Celebrity, did that all the time. If I still had it I'd have taken it in too. But along with the lower steering pinion bearing they checked out a couple other things as long as they had the hood open. The mechanic found the following:

Intake gasket leaking coolant -- Estimated repair cost $851.60
P/S Pump shaft seal leaking -- EST $180.32
Serp belt fraying -- EST $75
TOTAL: $1,106.92
F***! Why did I add that up??!

I don't know how much of this can be put off before repairing and I didn't ask while I was still at the dealer because I was more concerned with why they were checking things that I didn't ask for. I'm not surprised something was up with the coolant because I had to have it filled not too long ago. I am however, a bit shocked at the cost for its repair, but I'll get a second opinion and estimate at my regular shop. Hopefully it's something I can fix temporarily by making sure the coolant level is full. Now I need to decide whether to throw a gob of money at this to make it go away right away, or budget it out over a period of time. I'm tempted to just get it over with, but it takes so long to save up that much and I've been dreaming of an A-Cen unhindered by a spending cap. My federal check is still on its way and I know Grandma will give me a little something extra when she visits to observe my birthday this weekend, but to potentially have it all spent already really ruins the thrill.

If something has to be wrong with the Evilmobevil I'd rather it be noticeable. If a thousand dollars will make my car stop hurling itself off cliffs and exploding into thundering balls of flame I'd gladly pay it. But for a couple of leaks and a belt it feels unreasonable. I want to SEE where my money is going. Get the blood out of the fur upholstery. Stick on front-mounted twin machine guns. Install spikes in the roof above the passenger eject seat. Just let me feel it's worth it.

P.S. 12:40 I just watched the 99th Strongbad email and laughed my proverbial body part(s) off. I haven't laughed like that in some time. Next week is 100. I should write again sometime soon. I have a list of questions piling up

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