So it looks like nobody I've been friends with since 2009 has been using LJ recently, which is kindof sad. Not that I've been part of the solution or anything. It just seems like most have moved to Facebook, which is not the best analog for personal Journaling.

I hesitated with LiveJournal in 2009 because things had changed in my life & I moved to a new residence & the looming responsibility of chronicling it all as I had been for years day-to-day became an ever increasing to-do that I kept putting off. As such, LJ became outed from my daily to-dos & was no longer a habit.

But I have a Lifetime Membership!!

So here I am, now with a private journal space, away from FB & Insta, where people who truly care about me can see some inner thoughts of the old EJ.

Say hi or don't. Comment or don't. I'm getting this app figured out & if you care about me, I care about you.

- E V I L O U T -


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