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I'll try this again for 2009

Writer's Book of days
Jan 6th 2009 "Write about Bathing"

I can't remember the last time I took a bath. This isn't to say that I don't bathe - I shower daily - I just don't remember the last time I filled the tub with hot, sudsy water, sank back & had a proper rubber ducky, soap-in-the-toes, shampoo-horn bath.

They're too small. Not the baths, but the tubs themselves. Imagine your standard bathtub. Now remember how tall I am. If I sit in a bath only my legs get wet. My hips are at one end & my feet are pressed up against the other. Sure, I can bend my knees & sink down to my neck in the water but that still leaves most of my legs exposed to the cold, cold air. Bathtubs just aren't suited to my stature.

Even if I did have a tub of proper size I probably wouldn't take as many baths. They take up quite a bit of water & that's one thing I don't like to waste. Each month my water bill shows an average of how many gallons per day I've used. I've taken it upon myself to keep that number as low as possible. I've had it down to 27-28 before but usually I'm just over thirty. Compare that to the 80-100 gallons per person per day as estimated by the US Geological Survey's Water Science website. It's easy enough if you make sure you don't have leaky fixtures & keep your showers short. In fact, sometimes I have the water on only long enough to get wet. Then I turn it off & suds up with the soap & turn it on just long enough to rinse off again. Yes, it's just that easy.

Of course, this is going to change somewhat in the near future. My new place has a deck out behind the house with a weird "L" shaped cut into one of the corners. This "L" shape was designed specifically to enclose a hot tub. The previous owners had one & the pipes & connections necessary are already there. So once I've moved in & settled down I will set a task to fill that gap once again for some hot times in a new tub. Now, it may seem hypocritical to want a hot tub after all this talk about water conservation. But once it's filled you can leave the water in there for 3-4 months before refilling, & that's if it gets heavy usage. So I think I'll be in pretty good shape. Especially when I'm already using 70 gallons per day less than the average schmo-on-the-street.

Bathing: Done daily; done well.

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