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Evil Jim

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10:00 pm: City of Ember
I just got back from a showing of the City of Ember at Eastgate. The story had intrigued me ever since I saw the first teaser some months ago & last month just before I left for Portland I bought a book called The Books of Ember, compiling the first three novels into one cover. I read the first couple hundred pages yesterday & had hoped to complete it before seeing the movie but I was just too anxious. I made it to the last 30 pages of the first book before the lights dimmed in the theater.

Overall it's a decent movie. The sets were believable & the acting was fine enough. Unfortunately the film seems to be impatient with itself & continually rushes from scene to scene, either trying to keep a quick pace or cram as much story into 90 minutes as possible. I might feel a bit differently if I hadn't read most of the book just yesterday but I have a feeling that if I hadn't I might have enjoyed it a little less as the general world setting & character motivations are not as clear.

I'm really enjoying the books. The setting fascinates me & more than anything I am curious about how their world became the way it is. Stories that are post-dramatic-event-in-world-history don't always reveal what the great change was but after City of Ember there are at least three more books in which to piece together the history, if any. I'm looking forward to them.

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