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Note: This lengthy post deals mainly with a weekend I want to remember and may not be that interesting to anyone else. Feel free to skip ahead to paragraaph 12 or go back to watching Mama's Family or whatever else you were doing.

For the first time in more than a year my entire gaming group got together for a day of fun and games. We've drifted apart over the past couple years what with jobs and homes changing, and it's been difficult to coordinate our time off to do something like this. And when circumstances force this time apart, it eventually becomes easier to maintain this distance. For a long time days went by when I craved company but never bothered to find Josh. Even tho' he lives in town. Even tho' I had his number. All it would have taken was a quick phone call to find out if and when he usually has free time. But I didn't'. Does this make me a bad person? Am I negligent as a friend? I don't think so. He could have called me at any time too, but we all have our own lives to attend to apart from each other and none of us take offense if we're not the first one to say "hi" once in a while.

This time, James was the first one to take action. He moved north of here last year with is lovely wife in order to be closer to his job. Driving an hour and a half each way for work every day was a lot of stress on top of an already stressful job and he never had enough days off to balance it out. He got ahold of each of us and we all found it possible to have today free. I had less than a week's notice and I had to cancel a monthly date that happened to fall on today, but it was well worth it.

I haven't had much sleep lately. Friday was an early day so I could do payday errands, Saturday it was overtime and this morning I had to be across town by eight in the A to save Josh some driving time. Even tho' we left his place later than planned and had to stop for munchies, we still made it to Jon's exactly when planned.

Jon always overpack, and not for practical things. He has his notebooks, Japanese language study guides, a bundle of 20 pens and pencils, latest manga, (I swear, he would take a book on a date) laptop computer and bag of other stuff, 90% of which I suspect he never used. Why he brought the computer, I'll never know. He turned it on for about five minutes in the car and that was it. I didn't bring nearly as much stuff, but I still didn't need the origami book and paper (tho' three sheets were used for notes later), and we never touched my box of Cheap Ass games. I was glad to have The Gods of Pegana on hand, even tho I ended up in conversations every time I started reading it. I've been rewriting a song about it, but more on that another time.

The trip up took about an hour to hour and a half, tho I didn't pay much attention to the time. It just felt good for the four of us so far to be able to talk once again. The last time was in September at my little reunion/housewarming gathering. Unfortunately, James and Mary Ann weren't able to attend because they had just sold their farm and had to be out by a certain date. Anyway, we found their place without error and on time. -- Unfortunately, I realized far too late that I'd misplaced my prescription glasses and had only my prescription sunglasses to keep me from running into things for the rest of the day. Fortunately, I didn't have to drive and I only really needed them for things like video games and movies. -- The house is brand new and very nice, tho' still unfinished and unpacked. I believe it was livable in November and they moved in from their fixer-upper in January. After getting settled in and an untimely call to Josh's cell phone we got the grand tour. It's very big for just the two of them but I wouldn't mind having all that room for me and a SO to spread out. They have plenty of space to fill with a new furniture shopping spree and basement that's just dying to be luxurified. While walking around on the bare concrete and (semi) cold floor Josh asked where the torture chamber was and Mary Ann indicated the only door breaking a long wall.

Yes, a torture chamber. I'll start a new paragraph just for it's description. It's small, no bigger than 10x10 and probably not even that big. The only door is in the middle of one wall with the only window directly across from it, small and at the ceiling. It's completely empty, cold and claustrophobic. All it needs is some straw or sawdust for the floor, maybe a bench and some manacles bolted to the wall under the window. I pointed out that the window could use some bars. Not that anyone could actually escape from it, but more for effect.

On the way back upstairs I locked Jon in the basement. While the rest of us filed up he went back to a box that held some of James' medieval weaponry to poke around and I just closed the door behind me and turned the latch. After some futile attempts with him tugging and knocking, I unlocked the door and dashed back up and across the house to rejoin the tour group.

Eventually we kicked back in the living room and decided to watch something. I introduced everyone to Don Hertzfeldt's Rejected and season I of Red vs Blue, the latter going over very well and the former keeping everyone in stitches. Seeing as how Red vs Blue is based off Halo, and that Josh brought his X-Box, we began to play Halo.

Chad called around two o'clock just as we were figuring out the game and we put him on speakerphone and chatted until lunch was ready. James stayed occupied with Halo while everyone else was eating and one by one they joined him, leaving me with Chad for another hour or so. The snow had been coming down steadily and I spent some time watching through the windows in the sun room and I remained quietly jealous of the 50-60 degree weather in Texas. Eventually we started passing him back and forth for personal conversations while the rest of us continued to engross ourselves in the games. I also locked Jon in the sunroom when he wandered out there on the phone. All in all he was with us for more than three hours.

Did I mention the game was fun? Since Josh owned it he was able to kick our butts three against one. But then, he owns the game and system and everyone else was a first-time player. We've spent many a weekend in multiplayer mode of 007 Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64. Probably too many as I've even gone so far as writing songs about our favourite weapons to sing in-game. Saturday it was agreed that we found a new replacement for Goldeneye. We already have our first catch-phrase, "You team killing Fuck-tard!"

We left late, as usual, and only while we were packing did Josh find my prescription lenses in the back seat of the car. It figures. Somehow It never even occurred to me to check the car because I was so sure I'd left them in town. On the way back we picked up Josh & Steph's son from Grandma's and Jon gave me lessons in how to address other people in Japanesse, and my new nickname. Call me AkuJimu-sama!! I think I've finally learned the difference between, chan, san and kun. Also, we finally practised the song we're doing for karaoke night at A-Cen in a couple months.

All in all, a good day. A really good day. Hopefully I won't have to wait an entire year for another.

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