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Too cold to be early

I don't know why it took so long to get this far but with less than half an hour to go I am finally able to make an entry.

A little while ago I readdressed an envelope full of money for Secret of Mana Theater. A website that makes you nostalgic for those days you spent playing Secret of Mana on the Super Nintendo, then beats you up with it. This is the first time I've ever sent money to anyone just because I like their website so you know it's gotta be good.

I'm in for another long day today. After work it's an early trip to A-Club where, presumably, there will be a period of social activities to occupy our time before the shows begin. Hopefully I'll get some more people interested in "Before I Kill You, Mr. Bond" this time around which isnt' likely considering how well "Fluxx" went last time. Still, there's always "Stick Figure Gladiators." If you haven't played it, I'm not gonna tell you.

Hmm, typing is pretty good for five AM. Either I'm improving overall or just a little hyper from being up this early again. That's what usually seems to happen whenever I have to work so early, I'm quite awake for the first couple hours while time seems to stand still. Then, as I gradually fade away until ten o'clock time slowly picks up the after I take my one break for the day. I Get my second wind about eleven which is kindof pointless because I'm gone and tired again by noon. Overtime always seems to favour the first shifters in that way. Eh, at least I've forgotten most of the morning by the time I eat lunch. Just dont' ask me to drive.

All that money I got yesterday is almost gone already. Grosseries cost more than I expected, but at least It'll last me 2-3 weeks. Had to get some other necessities, or at least important stuff like a mallet and pizza from Papa Murphy's, which I discovered will last me for about 8 meals. Family-sized, Chicago-style stuffed pizza. Woah. Good stuff. Anyway, cash-wise, I'm not much better off that I was before payday so that means no new anime. But then, I'd still have to figure out what's wrong with the drive first. Argh! Note, must remember to call Eldon to ask about that. I mentioned it to my mom last nite and she suggested just getting a DVD player for my old TV, but I think that would cost more than a new drive. Good thing A-Club is tonite or I might go into withdrawl. (shudders)

So... um.. I'm just trying to think of some more stuff to put down before having to go outside into the cold, bitter cold and scrape the white stuff off my car. I'd love to go back to sleep. I've been quite good at it lately what with sleeping to noon the past few days and all. It's a good excuse to buy lunch on the way to work at, say, Noodles or Taco John's rather than waste time cooking. It must be obvious I'm a health nut. But I guess now I should at least make sure the Evilmobile will start. I'm not actually required or expected to be to work today, but it pays better than typing for the time being. We'll see.

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